Actually, there are 3 ways out: Close hospitals, quit or never get into the medical profession, or engage in civil disobedience.

Yesterday Students for Life of America released an important letter it received April 13 from the Department of Health & Human Services.

HHS was responding to a March 22 inquiry SFLA and 3 pro-life medical groups asking whether medical professionals would be protected from being forced to dispense The Pill, emergency contraceptives, or IVF if in violation of their consciences.

In short, the answer is NO, the Obama administration has changed the rules. Click to enlarge…

Such a linquistic pretzel they have constructed. I would sure love for someone to sue or hold congressional hearings on this point: Is or is not a preborn human being potentially killed after his or her mother ingests hormonal contraceptives?

Every hormonal contraceptive labeling says s/he indeed may be. Even the FDA agrees, try as it might to hide the fact. Click to enlarge:

The FDA is a branch of DHHS. The FDA admits hormonal contraceptives may kill conceived humans. But because killing conceived humans before they implant in the wall of their mother’s uterus is not defined as abortion, killing them is not considered killing them, so pro-life medical professionals have no right to opt out. They apparently exist in a 5-9 day long preborn state of the living dead.

But they’re not dead. The Obama administration is telling us to just shut up and kill them.

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