Many pro-abortion ideologues are savvy people – Jodi Jacobson, Amanda Marcotte, and Cecile Richards, to name just three.

So I imagine they must internally gag when they hear an abortionist has been quoted by the media or worse, given an in-depth interview. How hard it must be to put on a supportive face when abortionists always appear so weird or scummy.

Here’s yet another example. The Wichita Eagle was apparently going for a puff piece of George Tiller wannabe Mila Means (pictured right) today, but it’s very hard to spin an abortionist into a hero or heroine, never mind someone who’s normal. Means wants to open an abortion mill in Wichita, where there have been none since Tiller’s closed after his murder. Some of the article’s highlights…

Means plans to form a nonprofit. She hopes to raise $800,000 to $1 million to buy and equip a clinic where she can provide early-term abortions….

Seated in her office in a chair she said was once owned by Tiller’s father – she bought it from Tiller’s clinic last year along with some of his abortion equipment – Means tries to draw a distinction between performing early- term abortions and Tiller’s work performing late-term abortions. Means said she is not comfortable doing those risky procedures.

“I don’t know if it will help or not in terms of security,” Means said, “but I’d like to just differentiate myself that way.”…

When her last group, Family Care Associates, broke up, she went out on her own.

The breakup was costly. In a 2009 arbitration, Means was ordered to pay $1,500 a month for the next 10 years in exit penalties to the only physician remaining in the practice….

Means also pays alimony to her first husband, who is a bar bouncer….

She said she was left with more than $100,000 in debts after they divorced in 2001.

The marriage “pretty much just put me into financial ruin that I probably won’t get out of,” she said.

Means calls herself one of the least financially secure family physicians around.

“I’m not good at making business decisions for financial reasons,” she said….

Her private life is unconventional.

Means, who has no children, is married to a gay man, but doesn’t live with him. She lives with a boyfriend, and her husband lives with another gay man….

The marriage led to trouble with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts in 2007. Means had been treating the man for bipolar depression since 2001….

When she married him and moved in with his family, the physician-patient relationship continued. Her husband’s mother reported the situation to the board as part of the fallout from a family feud, Means said.

The board ordered Means to end the physician-patient relationship with her husband and to complete education courses on professional boundaries and avoiding the pitfalls of diagnosing and managing major depression….

Never mind Means’ personal life, I thought it a bit odd for her to mention in one sentence she wants to raise $1 million to open an abortion biz and in the next admit she’s in a state of “financial ruin that I probably won’t get out of” because “I’m not good at making business decisions for financial reasons.” Those statements should really attract investors. Let’s see how quick pro-aborts jump on board to underwrite her endeavor.

I’m reminded of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who told the Associated Press in November 2009 he had launched a nonprofit to raise $1.5 million to open 3 mills. The officers of his nonprofit were himself, his wife, and his daughter. Shoore.

[Photo via The Wichita Eagle]

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