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  • The Passionate ProLifer shares testimony from sidewalk counselor Jo Scott on her candid interaction with Orlando Women’s Center abortionist Randall Whitney at an Operation Save America church service. This must-read post demonstrates we must keep praying for those in the abortion industry.

  • Wesley J. Smith reports a judge has disallowed a vote on banning circumcision in liberal, pro-abortion San Francisco.

  • John Smeaton spots a strange story from the Daily Mail which could have been titled, “Have sterile cup, will travel.” Thirty-something British man Simon Watson (pictured left) skirts NHS regulations by delivering his “fresh sperm” to couples for insemination, charging more than double what he would make from donating at a sperm bank.
  • Vital Signs observes, unsurprisingly, that the mainstream media is ignoring Americans United for Life’s recent announcement of the congressional investigation and exposé of Planned Parenthood. PP, likely confident of the cover provided by the pro-abortion MSM, has issued no response to the announcement.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic describes recent instances of “IVF madness” such as selective reduction, eugenics, and controversy over embryo adoption in the Catholic Church. Obviously, this method of resolving infertility is fraught with moral and ethical questions.
  • Real Choice questions whether race is a factor in the media’s reporting of abortion deaths.
  • ProWomanProLife asks readers to scrutinize the conventional “kneejerk” wisdom that claims more contraception leads to fewer abortions.
  • Secular ProLife links to a piece which reveals abortions performed due to fetal abnormalities in Japan have significantly increased, and for every live birth in Taiwan, there are 3 abortions, giving that country the lowest fertility rate in Asia.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reports that Democratic Rep. GwenRamen noodles” Moore (pictured right) has accepted an award from Planned Parenthood Federation of America. While Rep. Moore seems to believe abortion is better than growing up on mayonnaise sandwiches and Ramen, she ignores the fact that 24% of all abortions in her state are performed on the 6.2% African-American population.
  • Recently, Monte at Stand for Life posted his objections to fetal pain laws and pro-life incrementalism. He now posts a rebuttal in favor of incrementalism by Paul Stark. Civil discussion of these views among pro-lifers is important.
  • Suzy B notes the entertainment industry also seems to be in Planned Parenthood’s pocket. ABC’s Private Practice, starring avid PP supporter Kate Walsh, had a recent episode full of pro-partial-birth abortion propaganda.

[Watson photo via the Daily Mail; Moore photo via the Milwaukee Courier]

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