Since I wrote a week ago that Randall Terry’s dream of airing graphic abortion ads during the 2012 Super Bowl was becoming a reality, liberals and MSM nationally and internationally have been abuzz with the story.

Terry reports ad contributions have been rolling in. He is eligible as a presidential candidate to purchase ads in 35 NBC metropolitan media markets. He has now secured 11, up from two last week. Terry will only be limited by the amount of money he has to spend.

Donate here to help bring this unique opportunity to fruition: showing Americans the truth about abortion when their eyes will be glued to the television, actually looking forward to viewing the Super Bowl’s popular commercials.

Terry’s Super Bowl ad has now been completed. Here ’tis. Note the warning at the beginning, which is good:

Meanwhile two other pro-lifers who entered the ring as congressional candidates specifically to air graphic abortion ads on television have announced they also will purchase air time during the Super Bowl.
Activist Angela Michael, pictured right, a retired RN who spends most of her time counseling outside the huge Granite City mill in southern Illinois, is running unopposed on that state’s Democrat ticket in the 15th Congressional District. Michael announced today she will purchase ad time in the St. Louis market. View her graphic abortion ads and contribute to her campaign here.

Activist David Lewis, pictured right, is running for Congress in Ohio’s 8th District on the Republican ticket against Speaker of the House John Boehner.  Lewis has announced he will run graphic ads during the Super Bowl in the Cincinnati/Dayton area. View them and contribute here.

[Terry photo via]

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