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  • In case you missed it, Vital Signs has the scoop on former Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast employee Karen Reynolds’ lawsuit against her former employer, alleging fraudulent Medicaid billing practices.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin spots another shining moment brought to us by Rep. Gwen “Ramen noodles” Moore (D) from Milwaukee. She, without qualification, declares pregnancy a disease. Video at link.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate, a “compromise” without an “escape clause”:

    This compromise is just word engineering. The religious organization still has to pay for the policy, the price for which will have already built in the cost of contraception, surgical sterilization, and abortifacient coverage. Moreover, Obamacarians are lying that the issue is about heterodox thinking organizations trying to “deny acess” to women who want contraceptives. That is Newspeak right out of the Ministry of Love from 1984….

  • Secular Pro-Life invites readers to use their talents in writing and visual arts to advance life issues via Life Matters Journal and the LifeFest Film Festival. to get involved.
  • John Smeaton shares a video discussing a disturbing Telegraph article which revealed girls as young as 13 are being fitted with contraceptive devices in schools without parental knowledge or consent:


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