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  • Live Action notes yet another scandal in the abortion industry – this time from the UK’s National Health Service:

    Breaking news from England has found… doctors caught forging abortion consent forms – before they ever even saw any patients. When investigators mounted a series of raids on abortion clinics, they found doctors routinely pre-signing consent forms, with nurses filling in the patient information later….

    All in all, 14 hospitals have been censured due to these illegal abortions.

    What does this tell us about the attitude of the abortion industry? Both in the U.K. and here in the United States, there is an overwhelming prevalence of extreme disregard for the law. The abortion industry will blatantly break the law time and time again in order to profit off their gruesome business.

  • Americans United for Life’s legal team has filed an amicus curiae brief in the Second Circuit case Children First Foundation v. Fiala, arguing that the state of New York discriminated against the pro-life viewpoint by refusing to issue a Choose Life license plate supporting the work of pregnancy care centers, despite the fact that the foundation “met all necessary guidelines for the plate.”

  • Down on the Pharm notices the Obama campaign may have waded into trashy waters with its attacks on Mitt Romney (pictured left) and Bain Capital’s post-Romney association with Planned Parenthood’s human waste disposal company, Stericycle:

    Obama’s expose of Stericycle’s abortion association is likely to hurt that company far more than it hurts Romney. Who will take out Planned Parenthood’s “trash” now? Perhaps the Obama campaign should have thought of Planned Parenthood’s medical waste compliance issues before it decided to bust Stericycle by driving off the legitimate portions of its business.

  • The Anti-Abortion Gang spots an interesting article in Slate which seems to find not-so-pro-choice terms like “baby-in-progress” acceptable when it comes to determining paternity and paternal responsibility during pregnancy.
  • Fletcher Armstrong is looking for pro-lifers willing to drive Truth Trucks in key states during the election season, specifically Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and Iowa.
  • Culture Campaign follows the possible precedent-setting case of a Virginia waitress who alleges she was fired because she refused her employer’s requests to have an abortion.
  • Judie Brown points out how Planned Parenthood has successfully gained a societal advantage by using “reproductive wordplay”:

    After years of working at forming public opinion through early and frequent brainwashing in the classrooms of America, Planned Parenthood has succeeded in influencing public policies that confirm its belief that anything having to do with conceiving a child is a mechanical function of the body and nothing more.

    It is very clear that “reproductive choice” is the national raison d’être for deadly practices that treat men and women more like machines than the people God created them to be. If we are to stop Planned Parenthood, we must stop its influence—and we can only do that by changing the way people think about their bodies, sexuality, and reproduction.

  • Big Blue Wave posts a comedic video regarding the stifling of free pro-life speech at Auckland University:


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