chenHuman life is of paramount importance to the traditional morals of Chinese culture. This concept has been trampled on by uncivilized policies and behavior – including forced abortions – to the point of complete devastation. After decades of violent abortions, people have lost almost all respect and regard for life….

Over 60 million people are affected by this policy – your neighbors, for example. If you have violated family planning and become pregnant and they cannot find you, your neighbors in a 50-metre radius will be arrested. In other words, they will use your house as the center of a 50-meter circle, arresting at least five other households….

Because the families are worried, they call on their relatives to bribe the officials to release the person arrested. They pay between 3,000 and 5,000 yuan [approximately $500-$800 USD]. After they hand over the money, the officials think of a way to send the person home but they can still be rearrested after three to five days. And then they have to pay again to get the person re-released….

That’s a tremendous amount of income. If you cut off the revenue stream of these family planning officials, of course they will be angry.

~ Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng, describing the deep roots and corruption of the One-Child family planning policy in China, as quoted by the FRC Blog via New Statesman, January 30

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