top-101Always fascinating, comments to posts often delve away from the original topic. It may not be the post itself that triggers high reader response but the readers themselves. Here were the most commented posts of 2013.

Thanks again to Kelli for researching these stats.

10. ABQ 20-week abortion ban proponents: We’ll be back (November 20; 221 comments)

9. Stanek weekend question II: Should photo of teen mom holding son be banned from yearbook? (May 4; 222 comments)

8. Stanek weekend question: Is it acceptable to out the mother or father of one’s aborted child? (June 1; 224 comments)

7. Stanek (early) weekend question: Are pro-life marches a waste of time? (February 1; 228 comments)

6. Pro-abortion NAACP claims Zimmerman violated Trayvon’s right to life (July 15; 238 comments)

5. Stanek weekend question: Women get abortions every day, so it’s okay? (November 23; 239 comments)

4. Breaking: Carhart’s victims identified (February 10; 264 comments)

3. Stanek Sunday funnies 12-22-13 (December 22; 353 comments)

2. Clinic escort mom blogs about helping daughter get an abortion (September 17; 380 comments)

1. Alternative “Mama’s Day” ecards feature gay, transgendered, incarcerated parents (May 13; 548 comments)

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