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  • ProLifeBlogs links to a CNS News report about pro-abortion Hillary Clinton’s recent speech in which she claimed every life matters. Clinton was, of course, not speaking about the preborn. (After all, she “told the audience at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit last week that ‘religious beliefs’ must be changed for the sake of abortion.”) No, she was speaking about cases in which Black men have been killed by police officers. Clinton is a good example of the compartmentalization of abortion proponents. Perhaps if preborn babies could vote or donate to political campaigns, they could warrant some consideration from her.
  • John Smeaton calls on the Vatican to rethink their support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, because “current drafts reflect[] a strong pro-abortion agenda.”


  • Secular Pro-Life tells the story of a couple who refused to abort one of their twin boys who was diagnosed with anencephaly, a serious birth defect which prevents part of the brain and skull from developing. The baby lived a precious 100 minutes:

    From the United Kingdom comes the amazing story of a child whose tragically short life is having a tremendous impact: Newborn Teddy Houlston, who died 100 minutes after his birth, became Britain’s youngest ever organ donor after his kidneys and heart valves were used to save a man’s life. The newborn died on April 22, 2014, but news of his miraculous organ donation only came to light this week.

  • At Women’s Rights without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn posts her address to the Congressional Executive Commission on China in which she points out China’s One-Child Policy and their long record of controlling births. Despite “tweaking” of the policy, we should not be fooled, as they are not abandoning their population control.
  • At ProLife365, Kevin Kukla illustrates the ways in which the Culture of Death recreates the Ten Commandments in their own image.
  • ProLife NZ is continuing to call for the passage of a parental notification law for girls under 16 to get an abortion. They cite how laws in other countries like the United States have helped in lowering the abortion rate:

    According to the Care of Children Act 2004, access to abortion is not restricted on grounds of age. Section 38 of the Act says that a girl of any age can give consent to an abortion and that consent operates as if it were given by her parents. Therefore, her parents need never know that their daughter is having such a procedure.

    Naturally, though, things like field trips and sports participation still require parental permission.

[Houlston family photo via]

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