adoption-bill-art0-gdhp0k57-1adoption-bill2-ah0004-jpgWe have made a significant impact, abortion clinics are closing… in our evolution, we believe the next step is adoption….

More adoptions will lead to less abortions. More women will see opportunities to have their child and keep their child or place their child for adoption….

We’ve adopted two children, domestically and internationally, and what we’ve noticed, my wife and I, it was actually easier to adopt in Guatemala than to adopt our son from Cleveland.

~ Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis (pictured, with wife Amy, daughter Olivia and son Isaac), remarking on a soon-to-be-introduced plan in the Ohio State Senate proposing shorter wait times and more tax credits for Ohio adoptive families, as quoted by The Columbus Dispatch, October 7

[Photo by Alex Holt via the Dispatch]

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