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  • Wesley J. Smith responds to the recent Washington Post opinion piece opposing the use of the phrase “difficult decision” to describe abortion:

    With this kind of advocacy increasing, it is clear now that pro-abortionists also want Roe v. Wade overturned. Why? Roe permitted limits. In contrast – as I have written – a ruling that protects abortion as necessary to protect sexual equality would permit abortion through the ninth month – if not beyond – with the only regulations permitted being those required for basic sanitation.

    After that, the next step would be to require free abortion, either paid by the state or required as coverage under Obamacare. Pro-abortionists believe that women won’t really be free until they are guaranteed the right to a dead fetus.


  • At Priests for Life, Kevin Burke, who has a men’s post-abortion ministry, clarifies his controversial post about the late Robin Williams (pictured left) as a post-abortive father:

    My previous blog focused on the possible relationship between Robin Williams’s very public struggle with addiction and a previous abortion loss. I have since learned that some saw this as an exploitation of his tragic death.

How did I come to write this piece? As I read of Williams’s death, his addiction struggle was prominent in many articles I was reading… but with no mention of his abortion loss in the 1970’s. I saw this as an opportunity to draw attention to something I have learned in my 20 years’ experience in after-abortion recovery ministry; people often self-medicate the very painful and complex emotions and memories of their abortion experience with drugs and alcohol. This sometimes leads to serious addiction issues at great personal cost and also brings pain and suffering upon their loved ones.

  • At Bound4Life, Josh Shepherd contrasts the stiff penalties imposed on pro-lifers’ free speech with the lack of penalties received by abortionists who flout the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (like Kermit Gosnell). Star Parker of The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) “is laser-focused on getting Congress to give the Born Alive Infants Protection Act a second look, most recently meeting with key leaders on Capitol Hill.”
  • At ProLife365, Kevin Kukla posts his six reasons why pro-lifers should stop ceding the hard cases as reasons to allow abortion – for instance, in the case of rape, which is one of the most compelling.
  • Secular Pro-Life has a post about the hijacking of the term “feminism” by radical abortion supporters:

    I’ll close with a personal confession, which I’ve been wanting to write about for a while, and now seems like a good opportunity: when I see an organization or campaign about “women’s health,” I always dig to see if it’s an abortion group before expressing any support. And that disgusts me. I’m a woman. Women’s health is my health!! How did we get to the point where I have to be suspicious of my health?! But my suspicions are justified, because the phrase “women’s health,” like “feminism,” has been hijacked by people with values that are starkly opposed to those of 57% of the female population of the United States.Yes, it’s beyond frustrating, and I understand why some people just throw their hands in the air and reject feminism. But I’m convinced that the better response is to reclaim it!

  • Pro-Life Action League posts one of the videos from the recent Converted Conference which features Catherine Adair. Adair had an abortion and became a radical feminist, working for Planned Parenthood. In this 45-minute video, she discusses what she witnessed as a PP employee, along with the heart and mind conversion that took place in her life after leaving the abortion industry.


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