Georgia RTL bucks National RTL on prez endorsement

grtl.pngThe Georgia Right to Life PAC released a press release yesterday afternoon endorsing Mike Huckabee for president, snubbing National Right to Life's pick, Fred Thompson.

The first paragraph is verrrry interesting....

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Weekend question

weekend%20question.jpgYesterday, Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire office was seiged and hostages taken by a man, Leeland Eisenberg, who turned out to have a history of mental illness and "severe alcohol and drug abuse," according to his former wife, as quoted by the New York Daily News.

Eisenberg said he wanted to speak to Clinton, according to Newsday, "about the shortage of mental health services in his state."

NYDN reported, "During the siege, [police] said he asked for cigarettes, alcohol and Pepsi."

Today in the papers I cannot find one article insinuating that all mentally ill people, alcoholics, smokers, or Pepsi drinkers are potentially violent.

Yet if this same man in the same condition had professed to be pro-life and wanted to speak with Hillary about her pro-abortion views, MSM, liberals, and the abortion industry would be all over that angle.

The pro-life movment is the most peaceful social justice movement in history.

People calling themselves pro-life have murdered seven abortion industry workers in the past 35 years, all between 1994-98, but as reminds us, "[A]ccording to the U.S. government, more janitors, bartenders, secretaries, hairdressers and cosmetologists have been killed on the job than abortionists."

Meanwhile, Human Life International has documented more than 7000 acts of violence and illegal activities by pro-abortionists, aside from the 50,000,000 babies they have killed.

There could be several reasons why the abortion industry, MSM, and liberals promote pro-lifers as violent. Why do you think they do?