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Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life to speak in Orlando

by Carder Shawn Carney, National Campaign Director for 40 Days For Life, comes to Orlando to share victorious vigil stories from all over the country! The babies saved, the mothers spared from a lifetime of regret, the dogged determination of prayer warriors enduring harsh weather and hecklers. In short, the every day drama of a […]

What Ebola and abortion have in common

by Carder What do abortion and Ebola have in common (aside from making [Texas Department of Health Commissioner] David Lakey’s life miserable this week)? Both the new restrictions on abortion facilities in Texas and the government intervention to manage the Ebola threat are potent reminders of why expectations that our lawmakers and leaders will protect […]

Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

by Kelli The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found. Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in “waste-to-energy” plants which generate power for heat…. At least 15,500 […]

What to say to a woman who is happy about her abortion

We could demonstrate that abortion is wrong even if every single post-abortive woman had positive feelings about her abortion…. I think women should consider whether abortion is not a wise decision, but we also want them thinking about how some things can be wrong even if they don’t affect us negatively. For example, the head […]

Documentary follows abortionist who skirts international abortion laws

I also immediately appreciated the metaphor of women leaving sovereignty to reclaim her own…. I had also lived in Indonesia and witnessed what happened when women don’t have access to safe abortion and it made an impression on me. I knew it would make a great story. ~ Diana Whitten, director of the documentary film Vessel, […]

Failed chemical abortion gives baby girl second chance at life

We thought she had gone. I had grieved for that baby and we’d just managed to get our heads around it. Anthony and I felt like we’d made the right decision because we were having problems and we didn’t think it was right to bring a baby into that. I’d always been one of those […]

What if Jesus had been pro-choice?

by Kelli But what if Jesus were to have embraced a “prochoice” worldview? What would that look like? We could kiss salvation goodbye. Adoption is at the heart of our soul’s redemption, yet a maligned consideration on the “prochoice” periphery. (Planned Parenthood aborts over 149 children for every 1 adoption referral). Half of us would […]

The diversity of pro-lifers

by Carder I am not just prolife…. I consider myself whole life.  Do I support the SNAP program? Yes.  Do I support Headstart? Yes.  Do I support universal healthcare for children? Yes.  Do I support WIC? Yes.  Do I support the Medicaid program for those who are desperately impoverished and pregnant women? Yes.  Do I […]

Catholic blogger: Catholics, don’t waste money on pro-life efforts

It ought to be clear by now that Western culture is insufficiently healthy to sustain a political solution to abortion. Therefore, it is counter-productive to pour our resources into the effort to achieve such a solution. We must use our resources far more wisely than that. ~ Dr. Jeff Mirus (pictured) explaining the futility of […]

Abortion and GOP politics: “Talk about it more, not less – but better”

The debate over contraception that occupied so much campaign conversation wasn’t started by Rick Santorum and Catholic bishops. Theirs was a response to President Obama’s mandate essentially requiring Catholic organizations to ignore their convictions and provide insurance coverage for birth control for their employees. Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock didn’t introduce the subjects […]

BBC comedy attempts to normalize assisted suicide

Way To Go is a show about a current and difficult issue but it treats its serious subject in the same way that Arsenic And Old Lace dealt with old lady poisoners or Kind Hearts And Coronets dealt with aristocratic murders. Working with a really great US creator and a transatlantic writing team also brings […]

French socialism: More $ for abortions, clinics; force hospitals to provide

France on Monday unveiled a package of reforms designed to increase access to abortion, including 100 percent reimbursement of medical costs by the state social security system…. In a statement the government said the move was “necessary to ensure all women have equal access to abortion.” The move… was a manifesto promise by Socialist President […]

Researcher: UK teen pregnancy rate unchanged by school sex ed

Implicit (and sometimes explicit) in these approaches has been an assumption that access to family planning will reduce pregnancy rates amongst those teenagers who were already having sex but will not cause an increase in the proportion of all teenagers who engage in sexual activity. Standard economic models, however, suggest that the two factors are […]

Squeamish pro-choicers need to “get over” sex-selection abortion

It doesn’t matter that sex-selection abortions are rare in the United States. They do happen. And it doesn’t matter how slimy and slippery slopey the anti-choicers tactics are. (Aren’t you used to that yet? They’re good!) What’s relevant is that it’s entirely irrelevant why a woman wants an abortion. Also, let’s just remember that we […]

Lila Rose: Pro-woman, pro-life

We don’t wish to take the country back in time; rather, we aspire to move it forward, beyond a time when women are treated as objects and pitted against their children and their religious institutions — and toward a time when truly emancipated women embrace their intrinsic dignity and, with it, their authentic womanhood. ~ […]

Delegates chastise U.N. official for claiming an “international right to abortion”

These delegates pushed back and they put [Anand Grover, special rapporteur for health at the United Nations] in his place and said that there is no international right to abortion and that he has gone beyond his authority in trying to reprimand countries for simply trying to protect their women and children from abortion…. The […]

Quote of the Day 2-23-11

But at that moment of pulling her out and I just tore that thing [gown] off. There’s a room full of people that I don’t know. Nurses and doctors. And she and I just laid there. It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. ~Actress Christina Applegate on the birth of her daughter, […]

Quote of the Day 2-21-11

“It was a very emotional moment, and even though we didn’t speak to each other, we were both thinking about the time it took. We are very lucky, very privileged and very fortunate to have these boys.” ~Rene Angelil, husband of singer Celine Dion, US Magazine, February 19

Quote of the Day 2-20-11

Whoever pursues righteousness and mercy will find life, righteousness, and honor. ~ Proverbs 21:21, God’s Word translation

Quote of the Day 2-18-11

The Hadith tells of another story where the Muslims used coitus interruptus to avoid impregnating the kafir sex slaves. The reason was purely for business. If the kafir sex slave was pregnant, then she was worth less money. ~Bill Warner, director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, Front Page Mag, February 17

Quote of the Day 2-17-11

First of all, it seems rather irresponsible of the writer in the first place to have even asked Bieber his opinion on abortion. The kid is nothing more than that – a kid, a teen boy, a child, really – and he has absolutely nothing to do with health care or lawmaking. Secondly, Bieber’s a […]

Quote of the Day 2-16-11

“With the economy, joblessness and eight million wars that we’re fighting, it seems very odd for Republicans to take over Congress and begin attacking women’s rights.” ~ Actress Lisa Edelstein, who plays the role of a nervous woman walking to what seems to be an abortion clinic for a MoveOn.org ad, Politico, February 15

Quote of the Day 2-15-11

In our own collective history, black women know what it feels like when someone else controls our bodies and makes decisions for us…. We’re fighting fiercely for our rights to be seen as adult human beings capable of making decisions for ourselves about these things. We know what happens when you become breeders for somebody […]

Quote of the Day 2-14-11

Supporters of legislation that aims to make contraceptives more accessible in the Philippines handed out condoms Monday to raise public support for the bill. The reproductive health (RH) bill has become controversial because of the Catholic Church’s opposition to contraception. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day! Support the RH bill. Here’s a free condom,’ the supporters said as […]

Quote of the Day 2-13-11

Speak out for the one who cannot speak, for the rights of those who are doomed. ~ Proverbs 31:8, God’s Word translation

Quote of the Day 2-12-11

Yesterday, NARAL Pro-Choice America hosted our Roe v. Wade 38th anniversary luncheon…. Felicity Huffman, the Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning star of ABC’s Desperate Housewives, was fantastic as the mistress of ceremonies. Her husband, Oscar-nominated actor William H. Macy, made a very special guest appearance. Felicity and William expressed their pro-choice values in a musical number, which […]

Quote of the Day 2-11-11

“I am pro-life…. I am against gun control.” ~Possible presidential candidate Donald Trump addressing the CPAC audience, as quoted by USA Today, February 10

Quote of the Day 2-10-11

And what’s so great about work anyway? Work won’t visit you when you’re old. Work won’t drive you to the radiologist’s for a mammogram and take you out afterward for soup. ~Tina Fey, weighing the decision of whether to have a 2nd child vs. pursuing more work as an actor, as quoted by Babble.com, February […]

Quote of the Day 2-9-11

Every effort will be made to identify the babies as individuals and bury them that way. If there are body parts, we would probably bury them in a dignified manner, in one coffin. ~Philadelphia Auxiliary Bishop John J. McIntyre, whose diocese has offered to bury the victims of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell, Catholic Sentinel, February […]

Quote of the Day 2-8-11

I’m pro-choice, but I’m disgusted and I’d like to hear from NOW or any women’s organization that claims to give a damn about women’s freedom and safety. Where are they? ~Wendy Murphy, former sex crimes prosecutor, discussing Live Action’s Planned Parenthood stings in an O’Reilly Factor interview with Laura Ingraham, February 7 [HT: Susie Allen]

Quote of the Day 2-7-11

“Sorry, ladies. The free abortion ride is over.” ~Kristen Schaal on ‘The Daily Show’, The Huffington Post, February 3 [Click link to view video]

Quote of the day 2-6-11

And the Lord said to Cain, Where is Abel your brother? And he said, I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper? And the Lord said, What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground. ~ Genesis 4:9-10, Amplified Bible

Quote of the Day 2-4-11

The realization of this man having been adopted and instead of being aborted, that he was born and thus able to create, think, express himself and participate in being an American citizen weighed heavy on my heart. I fell asleep wondering what would happen with the Planned Parenthood scandal the following morning. ~Brandon Darby, commenting […]

Quote of the Day 2-3-11

I have the fortune of living with one of the most fabulous women I know. She’s funny, she’s educated, she’s thoughtful, and last year, she had an abortion. The day before the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The particulars of her situation aren’t important for this discussion. What is important was her reaction, upon realizing […]

Quote of the Day 2-2-11

“I don’t know how anybody could suggest that there is any rape that is acceptable,” she said. “I just think it sends a very clear message direct from the heart of the Republican party to women in America about exactly how Republicans feel about women.” ~Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz (D-FL), commenting on the “No Taxpayer […]

Quote of the Day 2-1-11

A young woman who wants an abortion can easily find out where to get one. If a pregnancy center offers alternatives to abortion and offers clothing, prenatal classes and adoption counseling, that activity doesn’t prevent a woman from going elsewhere to get an abortion. Why is a center offering an alternative to abortion such a […]

Quote of the Day 1-31-11

My goal is to shatter the illusion of objectivity far and wide, to affix a metaphorical consumer warning label on liberal news. Nobody should sit down to watch the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, for instance, expecting to receive “objective” information from a radical pro-abortion Upper West Side Manhattan liberal. ~Nicole Coulter, reflecting on […]

Quote of the Day 1-30-11

A good person obtains favor from the LORD, but the LORD condemns everyone who schemes. A person cannot stand firm on a foundation of wickedness, and the roots of righteous people cannot be moved. ~ Proverbs 12:2-3, God’s Word translation

Quote of the Day 1-28-11

What did raise the rate of psychiatric problems? Babies. Within a year after first-time mothers gave birth, seven per 1,000 women were treated for mental-health issues, in comparison to four per 1,000 before baby. ~Bonnie Rochman, TIME Magazine, January 28

Quote of the Day 1-27-11

The allegations against Dr. Kermit Gosnell are heinous. If the Philadelphia doctor operated the ugly abortion mill he is charged with operating, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But let’s keep in mind that Roe v.Wade does not authorize his alleged reprehensible actions. According to a grand jury report, Gosnell […]

Quote of the Day 1-26-11

And they told me that she…she had hydrocephalus, which is something that is water in the ventricles and that she might not survive. They told me that I shouldn’t have her and it wasn’t gonna be good if I did. But I decided to keep forward with the pregnancy. American Idol contestant Paris Tassin, on […]

Quote of the Day 1-25-11

Precisely. Nobody is ever for abortion. They support choice. Babies aren’t involved, fetuses are. And not even Gosnell is an abortionist. He’s simply an abortion “provider” who just went a little too far. If unborn children have no rights or value except what their mother conveys or denies, why shouldn’t Gosnell have stored their bits […]

Quote of the Day 1-24-11

And on this anniversary, I hope that we will recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams. ~President Barack Obama’s Statement on the 38th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, New York Times “The Caucus” Blog, January22 […]

Quote of the Day 1-23-11

In honor of the March for Life tomorrow… However, all your best soldiers must march in battle formation ahead of your relatives. You must help your relatives… ~ Joshua 1:14 Don’t be terrified or afraid. Take all the troops with you, and march… Joshua 8:1 I must march on with strength!… Judges 5:21 The LORD […]

Quote of the Day 1-21-11

The reality star cited shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” as influences for young girls to want to have babies in their high school years. “Girls, please, think very carefully before you make these kinds of decisions,” Kim pleaded. “Talk to your family, friends, teachers, and most of all, be careful.” ~Celebrity Kim Kardashian, The Insider, […]

Quote of the Day 1-20-11

I thought before the baby was born, I’m going to have to kill myself…. When the baby died – the baby was never brought home from the hospital and the baby died – I knew that it was my second chance. ~Oprah Winfrey, speaking about her unplanned pregnancy at age 14, as quoted by the […]

Quote of the Day 1-18-11

“You’re so awestruck. What can you say? You take it in. The feeling, the joy, the warmth of his body, his breathing…I will never forget that experience ever.” ~ Singer Elton John, commenting on the birth of his son, Us Weekly, January 17 [HT: Yahoo! Music]

Quote of the Day 1-18-11

For many, children are the plague from which the world must be spared. And condoms are the cure. I honestly believe this kind of thinking feeds into the worst in ourselves. We somehow think that the less children we have the more time we have to act like children. We don’t want kids because we […]

Quote of the Day 1-17-11

“I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children” – Genesis 3:16 When I hear most anti-abortion arguments, I think about this quote. ~Sophia Collins, guardian.co.uk, January 14

Quote of the Day 1-16-11

The LORD has rewarded me according to my righteousness, because he can see that my hands are clean. In dealing with faithful people you are faithful, with innocent people you are innocent, with pure people you are pure. In dealing with devious people you are clever. ~ Psalm 18:24-26, God’s Word Translation … but to […]

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