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New animated video shows personhood’s link to Native Americans, slaves, disabled, and preborn

This compelling new video just released by ProLifeWisconsin includes shocking statements about “savages,” the “manifestly unfit,” and the “benefit” of slavery to the “Negro,” all made by ignorant U.S. Supreme Courts past. Someday the ignorance of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court, which legalized the slaughter of 55 million preborn children and counting, will also be recognized…

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The Embryonic Jesus Story

Merry blessed Christmas, everyone!

Am reposting my WND Christmas column from 2004, The Embryonic Jesus Story

At this time of year, we focus on Christ’s birth, but there is a fascinating incident the Bible describes near the beginning of Jesus’ human life, several months prior. It is the Embryonic Jesus Story.

Luke 1 tells about the first person besides Jesus’ mother and earthly father who recognized He was extraordinary – Jesus’ cousin John, while John was yet a fetus, and Jesus was but an embryo.

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Breaking: Three Four Republican presidential candidates sign Personhood Pledge

UPDATE 12/15, 6p: Rick Perry became the fourth Republican candidate to sign the pledge today.

12/14, 12:04p: Personhood USA announced this morning that three Republican presidential contenders have signed its Personhood Pledge.

Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum have all signed the pledge, which states:

I stand with President Ronald Reagan in supporting “the unalienable personhood of every American, from the moment of conception until natural death,” and with the Republican Party platform in affirming that I “support a human life amendment to the Constitution, and endorse legislation to make clear that the 14th Amendment protections apply to unborn children.”

Good for them. This is significant forward movement on the political front, particularly on Gingrich’s part, who less than one month ago told ABC’s Jake Tapper life begins at “implantation, and successful implantation.”

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Taking misleading media to task on personhood

In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled… that language alone cannot be used to justify the regulation of abortion. In other words, calling unborn human beings “persons” under the law does nothing to prevent the legal abortion of these “persons.” …

If Roe were overturned, it would not have the effect of making abortion illegal. It would only return the legislation concerning abortion to the states.

Even if induced abortion were ultimately made illegal, it still would not necessarily apply in cases which endanger the health of the mother. There is a huge difference between a life-saving operation for the mother which also results in the death of the unborn baby and one which only seeks to end the life of the baby.

~ Nicole Cooley, responding to the editor of’s fearmongering predictions about Mississippi’s failed personhood amendment, November 20

Five reasons Mississippi’s personhood initiative lost (aside from the other side’s whopping lies)

personhoodAs the dust settles after the defeat of Mississippi’s personhood initiative  last week, here are five reasons I think it lost.

These  have nothing to do with the whopping lies the other side told. In other words, these are constructive criticisms.

I ran my thoughts past Keith Mason of Personhood USA, who took them well. He even gave me one I hadn’t thought of. This is a learning process.

1. We should have anticipated and precluded their whopping lies.

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A person’s still not a person no matter how small in Mississippi

Three weeks ago Mississippi’s Initiative 26, or the “personhood amendment,” enjoyed 80+% support. Last week internal pro-life polling showed it was still up by 18 points.

Yet Initiative 26 ended up losing last night 58-42%.

There were two simple reasons for the loss:

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Mississippi Personhood Amendment fails

So let’s keep this “personhood” stuff to a minimum, OK? It’s been repeatedly shut down because cuckoo-bananas politics simply doesn’t work. Get over it!

And to the freedom fighters out there, remember that Mississippi is far from being out of the woods (remember their one little abortion clinic in the entire state?!).

Keep up the great work!

~ Anti-Anti on the defeat of the Personhood Amendment in the November 8 MS election, Abortioneers, November 9

Mississippi personhood vote on razor’s edge

A new poll underscores just how close Mississippi is to passing the country’s first “personhood” law, which would define life as beginning at conception. Public Policy Polling finds that, hours before tomorrow’s vote, 45 percent of voters supported the amendment, while 44 percent opposed it.

“Things can definitely go either way tomorrow,” said Public Policy Polling director Tom Jensen. “The stakes here are huge. This is really the most interesting thing on the ballot tomorrow anywhere in the country.”

~ Sarah Kliff, The Washington Post’s Wonkblog, November 7

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