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Poem, “over population”

I received this population poem yesterday via email: the world is overpopulated sometimes people make mistakes sometimes people die to make the total population healthier sometimes when a woman decides that the man she chose was a wrong choice giving that person a child would be a travesty of life sometimes those people are children […]

British Columbia’s most prolific mother gives birth to #18

From the

HBO special tonight: “China’s Stolen Children”

The new world skeleton crew

The New York Times on June 29 featured an

Chinese earthquake aftershocks

Read my previous posts on this tragedy here. According to the

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Pro-death Ted Turner is pro-life on cannibalism

Let’s break down Charlie Rose’s April 1 interview with media mogul Ted Turner. First, watch the 1 minute clip: Turner staked all predictions and solutions for the earth’s future on 2 myths: human generated global warming caused by human global overpopulation….

China’s one-child policy will stay

We Reuter’s story on a Chinese official’s hint his country may be ending its despotic one child per family policy due to the social upheaval it is causing. Well, an apparently higher up Chinese official has moved quickly to squash that hope. According to the

China may scrap one-child policy


Demographic winter

by Jill Stanek Rich and I are returning home from our Hawaiian vacation today, which has sensitized me more than ever to the devastation of population decline. One elderly half-Hawaiian told me she thinks there are no pure blooded Hawaiians left; politically correct to blame Westerners for the Hawaiian demise. Numbering anywhere from 300k-500k or […]

Men, have more kids and live longer

The human race

[HT: Denny at

Real men have more kids

Ah, this could be the real reason Western Civilization is in the throes of an underpopulation crisis. Feminists and homosexuals have succeeded in emasculated men to the point their voices have raised an octave. From

Liberal underpopulation crisis

Germany in denial over self-holocaust

European news agencies) reported yesterday: A German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor in jail on June 14 for … Volksverhetzung, which means incitement of the people…. Pastor Johannes Lerle was sentenced to prison for an year by Erlangen court in Germany for compar[ing] the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the […]

It’s about population control, not “choice”

By Bethany Kerr: Planned Parenthood has done a remarkable job deceiving millions of women into believing a lie – that PP cares about them and their reproductive “choices.” But it doesn’t take much research of PP’s history to know this is not true. Does PP really have an interest in serving women and supporting them […]

MSM buries headline on China’s forced abortions

The headiine in today’s International Herald Tribune: “Chinese villagers riot over stricter population-control.” And urging that the U.S. restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which is part of the coercion. NARAL? The Aljazeera, believe it or not]

Liberal extinction, by the numbers

New America Foundation fellow Phillip Longman in USA Today on March 13 (synopsized from a longer piece in the March/April issue of Foreign Policy magazine) says basically this: Population equals power; therefore, conservatives/traditionalists have historically and will soon again inherit the earth. Writes Longman: Childlessness and small families are increasingly the norm today among progressive […]

Will China’s one-child policy result not only in the deaths of its females but the death of us all?

The February 13-19 Washington Times National Weekly Edition reported: A new Pentagon strategy report… bluntly states that China is the greatest potential challenge to the U.S. military and is rapidly building up its military…. The Pentagon report… notes that Beijing is investing heavily in military force, “particularly in its strategic arsenal and capabilities designed to […]

Mark Steyn on Australia’s missing wee bairns

This was in yesterday’s The Australian. Article reprinted in entirety on page 2 with an editorial comment. WARNING: parental discretion advised. Hat tip: Reader Mike Perry

The Muslim connection to France’s underpopulation crisis $ handout

Addendum to my previous post… Hyscience quotes the American Thinker on another point, drawn from a Washington Times piece yesterday that included this: Given France’s egalitarian ideals, the notion of creating perks to attract professional mothers did not go down well with the socialist opposition…. Demographic trends in Muslim and non-Muslim communities are rarely mentioned […]

Why doesn’t MSM call it an “underpopulation crisis”?

The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that France will offer new financial incentives for mothers to have third children. Reports the Sun-Times: France isn’t alone in worrying about the need to encourage births. Across Europe [there is]… a decline in fertility rates that some fear could lead to economic decline. In the 25-nation European Union, the […]

The EU’s under-population Catch-22

CatholicIreland.net published a commentary on August 10 focused on a July 11 press release by the European Union’s Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. CI quoted Pope JP II as saying Europe’s present under-population crisis is directly related to Europe’s loss of its Christian identity. This is clear in the EU press release, […]

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mcallisterby Kelli

Rampell argues that if only poor people in America could get free birth control and more comprehensive sex education, have “easy access” to abortions in unregulated clinics, and receive more government-sponsored childcare by expanding the welfare state, then unwanted pregnancies would be a thing of the past and Americans would live happily ever after.

Oh, the joy of a liberal utopia.

Rampell doesn’t pause to consider other factors that have seriously contributed to the disparity between the rich and poor on out-of-wedlock births. Instead of looking at the issue in terms of personal choice regarding marriage and childbirth, as well as personal responsibility, and respecting all people as rational human beings capable of self-government, she concludes that a “trap” is being laid; someone must be doing something to these women or not enough for them. Neither is truly the case….

When it comes to finding solutions that will help low-income single mothers, we need to do more than just dish out contraceptives (which will be ineffective for those who are actually choosing to have babies out of wedlock), herd them into unregulated abortion clinics, give them “comprehensive” sex education that fails to factor in the spiritual and moral dimension of human beings, and then continue their dependence on government and the cycle of poverty by increasing welfare programs….

I can just hear the mockery now and the hysterical screams of “Don’t stigmatize my choice to have sex!” But no one is stigmatizing sex, let alone your choice to have it. What’s being stigmatized in our culture is marriage and the choice not to have sex….

[S]ome of us have a higher view of women — that they don’t have to be controlled by their base desires, by poverty, by fear, by dependency — all of which drive us to more constricted and unhappy lives.

We can do better. We have done better. And we can be better again.

~ D.C. McAllister (pictured), responding to Catherine Rampell’s assertion that “sex is for rich people” and that “a trap” is laid for poor people who want to have sex, The Federalist, October 21

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