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China helps Kenya decrease population

China has joined Kenya’s family planning campaign by donating contraceptives worth Sh4 millions to the Kenyan government…. “We are handing the contraceptives to the ministry of health which will contribute towards achieving aspirations of Vision 2030,” [Minister for Planning Wycliffe Oparanya] said on receiving 5000 contraceptives…. [Oparanya] said that Kenya and China are cooperating in […]

Chen Guangcheng begins recovery in U.S.

On Saturday came the surprising and welcome news that Chinese pro-life dissident Chen Guangcheng, his wife, and their two children had arrived in the U.S., after a “daylong and hastily arranged flight from Beijing,” according to the New York Times. Next steps, according to NYT:

Mr. Chen will be allowed to attend law school on a fellowship rather than seek asylum, which the authorities in Beijing would have considered an affront. [New York University]… officials said they had already stocked a faculty apartment with Chinese food and new furniture for him.

Pro-life Republican Congressman Chris Smith was one of a throng of supporters and reporters who met Chen at Newark Airport….

Emergency House hearing today on Chen Guangcheng crisis: Did State Department abandon him to uncertain fate?

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News reports today are relaying contradictory yet alarming information about the well-being of Chinese pro-life dissident Chen Guangcheng and his family.

Previous reports indicated Chen wanted to remain in China after having escaped to the U.S. Embassy on April 22.

But after Chen was reunited with his wife – only after being returned by the U.S. to the Chinese – and learning how she was treated in his absence, he apparently changed his mind and wants to leave the country – on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plane, no less. Here is audio of a taped interview with The Guardian wherein Chen where he says he now wants out.

This entire Time piece is well worth reading and appears to give the most accurate account of events to date. Following are key excerpts:

China’s house of cards: High rate of female suicide linked to one-child policy?

Chinese women did not used to commit suicide at five times the world average, and it’s not normal that suicide is the number-one cause of death for young women in China…. But when asked, nobody knew the root causes. We as an organization felt strongly that it is related to the one-child policy, because we […]

Michelle Duggar doesn’t believe in overpopulation

Well, first off, the idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the entire population of the world, if they were stretched shoulder to shoulder, could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville. ~ Michelle Duggar, famed mother of the 19 Kids and Counting TV series via US Weekly, March 30 [Photo via Style Flavors; […]

Send Christmas card to blind Chinese pro-life dissident

Last week actor Christian Bale drew attention to the plight of Chinese pro-life dissident Chen Guangcheng, who was previously jailed and is now under house arrest for documenting forced abortions and sterilizations in his country. This week Women’s Rights without Frontiers, a pro-life group that has been trying to help Chen, announced it is launching […]

Actor Christian Bale roughed up attempting to see Chinese pro-life dissident

Cool. I have new found respect for the man. From the Los Angeles Times, today: All Christian Bale wanted to do was tell a guy thank you, he said – but instead he got roughed up by a pack of apparent security guards and chased away from the home where a Chinese dissident has been […]

Family planning top priority for Melinda Gates

This week, Melinda Gates announced that family planning will be one of her top priorities this year and into the future…. Yet, family planning remains under-funded and under constant threat by potential budget cuts in the United States– one of the largest international family planning donors. ~ Jaime-Alexis Fowler reporting on billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates […]

Worldwide population control and abortion funding in global warming bill co-sponsored by Gingrich

Newt Gingrich recently called the global warming ad he made with Nancy Pelosi in 2008 “the dumbest single thing I’ve done in years.” But that ad didn’t come out of nowhere. Nineteen years earlier Gingrich and Pelosi were co-sponsors of the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989, which contained devastating anti-life language and funding.

Planned Parenthood’s infamous “Jaffe Memo” on population control

  Abby Johnson writes in a post on her blog today: When I worked at Planned Parenthood, there was something that we were not allowed to talk about. If we didn’t talk about it, then maybe no one else would either. It was called the Jaffe Memo. In 1969, Planned Parenthood was asked by the […]

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by Kelli


What I have learned in the last 3 years is what to really expect when having a child with Down Syndrome. Someone once gave me a book about what to expect, I read a few chapters and threw it away. I hated it. Most books and pamphlets are so outdated the material is beyond depressing….

Some people still don’t see the beauty in a child like ours….

I have learned there is beauty in “imperfections”. I don’t believe Ollie is one bit imperfect but in the eyes of many she is. There is great beauty in all her God given pieces. Her crooked pinky fingers, the light spots in her eyes, the way she smiles…. Her tiny little heart beat that doesn’t beat quite as it should but it’s healthy – oh that heart beat is precious. The way she smiles with her whole body – I can truly see her smile from the back of her head she wears it so well!

I have learned that God’s plans are always best and in time they always make sense. I have learned that unanswered prayers are often answered – just not as you have requested. I have learned that having a sibling with Down Syndrome doesn’t limit your other children but makes them better, more compassionate, more understanding, more open hearted, more open to the world in general….

Fear is abolished, God has prevailed! Every day I thank the good Lord for that single extra chromosome that has made all the difference!

~ Annie Reid, discussing what she has learned from her daughter Ollie Faith, who was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome and is now three years old, The House That Jade Built via NetworkedBlogs.com, April 23

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