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Pope Francis: Abortion a sign of wasteful culture

by Kelli Unfortunately, what is thrown away is not only food and dispensable objects, but often human beings themselves, who are discarded as ‘unnecessary.’ For example, it is frightful even to think there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day. ~ Pope Francis, speaking in his “state of the […]

Pro-life news brief 11-18-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Mollie Hemingway writes about Planned Parenthood’s abortion theater:

    So the question is obvious. If 97% of Planned Parenthood’s services aren’t abortion, why in the world would an abortion regulation cause a dozen Planned Parenthood clinics to close?

    Closing clinics make for great headlines and more dramatic court briefs. But a media mildly more skeptical of savvy public relations campaigns and well-scripted legal wrangling might serve the public a bit more.

Weekend question: Why is EMILY’s List avoiding the topic of abortion in its ads?

We’re all used to pro-aborts avoiding the A-word by using the code word “choice.” But here’s a new one. Cory Gardner, who is running for Congress in CO-4 – and it totally avoids the topic of abortion altogether. In fact, you would think the ad is pro-family if you weren’t cynical enough to know its […]

MSM/blogosphere disconnect: Pew highlights importance of pro-life blogging

On February 12 Pew…


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