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Hospital that gives “comfort care” to late-term abortion survivors promotes “kangaroo care” for wanted preemies

To help Paige and the other infants in the NICU grow and develop as best they can, staff are encouraging all moms and dads to provide their babies with “kangaroo care,” a practice that helps premature babies thermoregulate (maintain the body’s core internal temperature), sleep better and go home sooner…. ~ Chicago Tribune, May 17, […]

Refuting the false claim that babies don’t survive abortions


RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimesand Sharona Couttswrote a piece last week deeming it a “myth” that babies survive abortions:

Abortion clinic workers: Be a whistleblower now, not accessory to murder later


By now workers at every late-term abortion clinic in America (and there are way more than four) are buzzing about Kermit Gosnell’s conviction this week of murdering three abortion survivors.

Planned Parenthood has opposed other anti-infanticide legislation: IL Born Alive Act

~ “Blessed” Obama’s opposition

479830_433518370067175_1027146459_nPlanned Parenthood’s recent opposition to Florida legislation seeking to protect abortion survivors sent shock waves around the country.

But this wasn’t the first time Planned Parenthood had opposed such legislation.

Planned Parenthood also actively fought Illinois’ Born Alive Infants Protection Act in the early 2000s, along with then state Senator Barack Obama. This legislation was introduced to protect known abortion survivors.

In fact, Planned Parenthood and Obama worked together as a team. From ABC News, July 17, 2007:

AP: “Abortions are typically performed in utero”


As Kelli spotlighted in today’s Quote of the Day by Mark Steyn (also noted by Matthew Balan at Newsbusters), the mainstream media has for the most part gone missing in reporting the murder trial of late-term Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell, his wife Pearl, and eight employees stand accused of murdering seven newborn abortion survivors and one mother.

Not only has MSM gone missing, when it does report on this horrendous story, it often gets important details wrong or makes inexplicable gaffes.

For instance, journalist MaryClaire Dale reported in a March 20 Associated Press story:

Breaking: Battleground bus tour will expose Obama’s radical support of abortion, infanticide

To this day, even when speaking to pro-lifers, I still so often hear, “I didn’t know Obama was that bad on abortion!” when I tell about my experience with him as state senator and his opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Students for Life of America found in a recent poll of young Americans that his support sank by 43% among undecided voters when they learned of his radical support of infanticide.

The Susan B. Anthony List is going to spotlight exactly that during a 10-day battleground state bus tour beginning August 20, and I’m thrilled to have been invited along for the ride.

Press release…

Jivin J’s Life Links 4-29-10

by JivinJ, host of the blog, assisting in your suicide and then dumping your remains into a lake: Dignitas boss Ludwig Minelli now faces up to 3 years jail and a 3,000 fine for carrying out unauthorized burials. Police divers – who stumbled across the pile of urns while searching for a missing sunshade from […]


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