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Wichita abortion/sex change clinic marks one year anniversary with death count


South Wind Women’s Center, housed in the Wichita abortion clinic formerly operated by murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller, just marked its one-year anniversary by announcing how many babies it had killed since opening. An article strangely removed from the Wichita Eagle’s website (and from which all other news sources are quoting), but cached on the abortion mill’s website, shares the exciting news:

Andy Moore: Speaking for the speechless on two continents

Many of you know the story of my son-in-law, Andy Moore. But you may not know what he’s been up to since marrying my daughter Daena and settling in America. Today New Zealand’s Sunday-Star Times features a full-page spread on Andy.

Apparently immigrating to the U.S. has only increased Andy’s public persona back home. The Lord is giving Andy a louder voice in New Zealand than he had while living there! I know Andy gets homesick and hope knowing this brings him comfort. The Lord works in mysterious yet wonderful ways!

The article is quite good. I’m very proud of my SIL. Read below the screen shot.

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The article:


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