Knowing Mitt Romney would secure the Republican nomination for president with a win in the Texas primary on May 29, Planned Parenthood planned the roll-out of its anti-Romney ad campaign for May 30.

Here is how ad campaigns like this are supposed to work:

  1. A special interest group makes a video
  2. The group makes a small ad buy
  3. The group makes a big PR splash
  4. The group hopes it will get lots of earned (free) media and that its video will go viral

Planned Parenthood’s #2 should read:

2. The group makes a small ad buy and lies and says it made a big ad buy

More on that later.

The problem for Planned Parenthood was it knew Live Action’s video exposť on sex selective abortions was coming but didn’t know when.

Any day would have been a bad day for Live Action to release its first video, but May 29 was the worst day possible.