946879_526377030754856_868729005_n In April, Hans posted video of a woman at Ohio State University knocking down signs that had been erected by Created Equal showing the atrocity of abortion.

The vandal was identified as OSU student Calysta Santacroce, and Created Equal filed charges.

On May 7 criminal charges were lowered to “disorderly conduct” on the condition that Santacroce plead guilty and pay restitution of $126 to Created Equal, which she paid in cash that day.

When the judge asked Santacroce to explain herself, she said it had been a bad day, and she  did something she knows she shouldn’t have. “He [CE staff member] provoked me,” Santacroce claimed.

When the judge asked how so, Santacroce responded, “He asked me, ‘What do you think of my signs?’”

Santacroce was fined $50, in addition to the restitution.

Here again is that video. Warning: Profanity