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Bishop’s harsh letter against Fr. Pavone

4:40p: Here is a copy of the response letter Fr. Pavone sent to all U.S. bishops after Bishop Zurek sent his letter (below).  Salient points:

Bishop Zurek is my Ordinary, but he is not the bishop of Priests for Life. Many of you know our ministry much better than he does….

Beyond annual independent audits, we have provided the diocese of Amarillo with an extraordinary number of documents, and yet, we have never once received so much as an acknowledgement….

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Breaking: Bishop suspends Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life

1:49p: Just spoke with another inside source, very reliable. This sounds pretty simply like jealousy to me. Quoting the source:

People have been complaining about Priests for Life for decades – about the success of its fundraising, and the success of Fr. Pavone’s preaching, and his ability to organize and get things done.

It was for this very reason that Fr. Pavone hired a huge accounting firm in the early 2000s to look at PFL’s books. The firm interviewed staff and analyzed PFL’s finances and gave it an “all clear.”

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Jivin J’s Life Links 12-29-09

web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • A Seattle man named Daniel Hicks was arrested in CA yesterday. Hicks is accused of killing his girlfriend Jennifer Morgan and their infant daughter Emma. He allegedly wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion and apparently killed his daughter because she wasn’t a boy:
  • Through interviews with Morgan’s mother, Hicks’ brother and half-sister, and one of Morgan’s co-workers, detectives learned Hicks had been depressed and suicidal for some time – and his condition worsened when he learned his girlfriend of 9 years was pregnant, charging papers say. He wanted Morgan to have an abortion, claiming she “was just trying to trap him with the pregnancy,” the papers say….

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