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Father Pavone begins fourth month in exile

Yesterday I checked in with Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life on the occasion of an auspicious anniversary.

It was three months ago that Father Pavone’s bishop, Patrick Zurek, abruptly ordered him to halt his pro-life work and report back to the Diocese of Amarillo for an unspecified length of time.

Since September 13 Father Pavone has been assigned to the small and isolated Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ convent in Prayer Town, Texas, 50 miles outside of Amarillo. (Dirt road to convent pictured below.)

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Letter from Diocese of Amarillo exonerates Father Pavone

7:34p: Priests for Life has issued a statement entitled, “Diocese of Amarillo Issues Clarification Affirming Fr. Frank Pavone’s Good Standing and Character,” in conjunction with the letter below.

7:15p: A friend told me I’d soon eat the “I’ve got to move on” words in my previous post, because the Father Pavone issue is exploding.

But I didn’t know it would be so quickly.

The Diocese of Amarillo has released a letter attempting to exonerate Father Pavone of financial malfeasance and character flaws unbecoming a priest. Click to enlarge…

I’m thinking Monsignor Waldow is probably pretty ticked right about now at Bishop Zurek for conveniently timing the drop of his bombshell letter to the bishops with his vacation.

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Scuffle Escalates II: “Free Fr. Pavone!” and planes incoming

I’ve got to move on to other pro-life topics after this post but have several bullets of interest on the Pavone/Zurek scuffle…

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Breaking: Bishop suspends Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life

1:49p: Just spoke with another inside source, very reliable. This sounds pretty simply like jealousy to me. Quoting the source:

People have been complaining about Priests for Life for decades – about the success of its fundraising, and the success of Fr. Pavone’s preaching, and his ability to organize and get things done.

It was for this very reason that Fr. Pavone hired a huge accounting firm in the early 2000s to look at PFL’s books. The firm interviewed staff and analyzed PFL’s finances and gave it an “all clear.”

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