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Could your hormonal contraceptive disable or kill you? (YES)

Emily Letts opposes hormonal birth control pillRemember Emily Letts, the woman who filmed her own abortion?

Letts was willing to engage in unprotected hook-up sex, and willing to submit to an abortion, but one thing even she considered too risky was the birth control pill, as she explained to Cosmopolitan:

I’m a sex educator, and I love talking about birth control. Before this experience, hormonal birth control scared me because of complications I’d heard about from friends – gaining weight, depression, etc…. [and] I wasn’t super interested in putting hormones in my body.

Letts was on to something, which in this day and age of organic, homeopathic lifestyles, appears to be a growing concern among young women, including celebrities Mayim Bialik and Ricki Lake.

And rightfully so. Hormonal contraceptives – which includes the Pill, patch, ring, implant, IUD, and shot – are ridden with all sorts of dangers, such as (all information below compiled on pdf here):

  • Yaz and Yasmin bc pill: 13,000+ injury lawsuits filed, DrugNews, March 2014
  • Yaz and Yasmin bc pill suspected in 23 deaths, CBC News, June 2013
  • Beyoz bc pill: can cause increased blood clots, new FDA warning, December 2011
  • AIIMS study finds 9.5 times increased risk of breast cancer if taking bc pill, January 2014
  • Even low-dose estrogen pills increase risk of stroke by 2 times: American Heart Association, 2004 and 2012
  •  Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology issued an urgent warning to women taking bc pill after finding it killed 11 women and caused 350+ side effects in 5-yr study, December 2013
  • Nuva Ring users 6.5 times increased risk of blood clots, Decoded Science, December 2013
  • Mirena IUD: 600+ lawsuits filed for perforated uterus; 70,000 adverse events since 2000, The Legal Examiner, December 2013
  • World Health Organization’s IARC lists combined contraceptives as a Group 1 carcinogen

On June 7, the American Life League will hold its fifth annual Protest the Pill Day to draw attention to the danger hormonal contraception poses to both women and babies.

The Pill Kills Day 2014

Hormonal contraceptives can stop a pregnancy by aborting a 5-9 day old baby before s/he attaches to the wall of the uterus. In addition, hormonal contraceptives are poisonous to women.

June 7 is an ominous day, the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1965 Griswold v Connecticut decision, which legalized contraceptive use by finding a “right to privacy” in the Constitution, thereby opening the door to the 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

ALL is sponsoring informational protests outside Planned Parenthoods or abortion/contraception businesses and pharmacies. Find planning tips and a flyer here.

I am one of several sponsors of this event. Please help us educate women that hormonal contraceptives are extremely dangerous to their health.

Obama, media, feminists push taxpayer-funded mustard gas for women

I don’t know what it’s going to take to get people to comprehend that hormonal contraceptives – i.e., the birth control pill, implants, and rings – are rated by the United Nations World Health Organization as Group 1 Carcinogens,” as toxic and in the same class as asbestos, mustard gas, and tobacco.

IT IS A SCANDAL that President Obama, feminists, the media, and the medical establishment continue to push these virulent cancer causing artificial steroids on our women.

Not once in this October 4 puff piece promoting free contraceptives did the Associated Press author or any of the medical professionals interviewed bring up any of the deadly harms of hormonal contraceptives.

THIS IS A FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF THE PUBLIC TRUST, all to promote liberal ideology.

Yes, I’m yelling. I’m so angry.  I listened on Christian radio over the weekend to a member of the Young Survival Coalition, and my heart broke. Why in the world is there the need to form a group such as this for the growing women diagnosed with breast cancer before age 35?  Women are being led like sheep to the slaughter.

From what I can read on YSC’s website, even they don’t fully understand the risk of using hormonal contraceptives, in part because the medical establishment and government agencies downplay it. But the information is out there.

From Slate in September 2010:

Last summer, in a study of more than 50,000 African-American women, Boston University epidemiologist Lynn Rosenberg found a 65 percent increase in a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer among those who had ever taken the birth-control pill. The risk doubles for those who had used the contraceptive within the past five years and had taken it for longer than 10 years.

From the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in April 2012:

The first large-scale U.S.-based study to evaluate the link between an injectable form of progestin-only birth control and breast cancer risk in young women has found that recent use of a year or more doubles the risk….

The National Cancer Institute and the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program funded the research.

From a 2009 study co-authored by Louise Brinton of the National Cancer Institute, about the aforementioned aggressive breast cancer:

[A]mong women ages 20 to 45 years… [o]ral contraceptive use ≥1 year was associated with a 2.5-fold increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer….

Among women ≤40 years, the relative risk for triple-negative breast cancer associated with oral contraceptive use ≥1 year was 4.2…

On and on. Meanwhile, Obama et al use the same tactics as the tobacco industry did (affirming “commitment to public well-being”) to promote contraceptives by ignoring the long list of risks to tout supposed benefits. From CNSNews.com, October 5…

“Contraceptive care… is vital for women’s health. Doctors prescribe contraception, not only for family planning but as a way to reduce the risk of ovarian and other cancers, and it’s good for our health care system in general because we know the overall cost of care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services,” Obama said at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

This is absolutely not true. Two of the risks for ovarian cancer in the first place are not having children and not breastfeeding. And breast cancer isn’t the only risk that steroidal contraceptives increase. WHO also labels them as Class I carcinogens for cervical and liver cancer. They also increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attacks, and more. Obama’s contraceptive push is only going to kill women.

New York City’s Class I carcinogenic mayor

Guest post by Joel Brind, Ph.D.

We could all go along happily with his anti-smoking crusade. After all, everybody knows cigarette smoking – and maybe even second-hand smoke – causes cancer.

Then there was the elimination of trans-fat. Well, okay, there’s some evidence that’s bad for you, and no one could taste the difference if a food has any in it or not.

Then we started getting a bit more troubled: We don’t get to choose how much salt content or the volume of a soft drink we can buy? But we still managed to chuckle a bit at the new restrictions on bottle-feeding infants in hospitals. At least we all know it is better for babies to be breast fed. So we could still be amused at our “Nanny Bloomberg,” for we could be sure of at least one thing: All those things he has mandated are beneficial to human health.

But now our nanny mayor wants to give our school children – orally and by injection, without parental knowledge or consent – cancer-causing steroid drugs.

Say what!? You read that right: cancer-causing steroid drugs. You thought “the pill” was harmless, right? Just a little bit of harmless hormones, to stem the tide of costly, unhealthy teen pregnancy. Sorry, “hormonal contraceptives” are indeed cancer-causing steroid drugs. Who says so? Why, the World Health Organization says so, but why pay any attention to them? They’re only class 1 carcinogens for breast cancer, cervical cancer and liver cancer, according to the WHO.

And the reason I put “hormonal contraceptives” in quotes is that it is not true. The pill contains no hormones – artificial or otherwise. They are steroid drugs that act like hormones (hormone agonists, to be professionally precise). In fact, hormones would not work as a pill, so they have to be synthetic drugs. In fact, they are really the same type of steroid drugs that professional athletes can go to jail for taking. They are just the female version (which makes the breasts grow), rather than the male version (which makes muscles grow).

If you read the small print on the package insert for “the pill,” you will find increased risk of stroke, because these steroids can cause blood clots. But cancer? How long have researchers known that? Not too long. The first high-profile, peer-reviewed paper that documented the increased risk of breast cancer was just published in 1987, only a quarter-century ago. Of course there have been scores of papers since then.

But what about the more modern injectable form, the “depo” that is also included in the Mayor’s plan for NYC schoolgirls? Isn’t that safer, since it contains no estrogenic drugs?

Yeah, they are newer, and it takes years for stuff to cause cancer. So the first good study in the peer-reviewed medical literature just came out a few months back. A prominent, National Cancer Institute-funded group just published their findings: Yes indeed, “depo” significantly increases the risk of breast cancer…

I think Mayor Bloomberg should certainly have known about all this. But even if all his politically correct wizards of smart conveniently ignored the cancer risks of contraceptive steroids, he could have just called me. After all, I’ve been a full-time professor on the faculty of Hizzoner’s own City University of New York, teaching human biology and endocrinology for almost 27 years now (and researching steroid hormones and drugs for more than 30 years).

Seriously Mr. Mayor, if you really want our city’s citizens to be healthier – not sicker – please, call me!

Readers are encouraged to forward this post to the mayor’s office. Just maybe it will wake him up. Here’s the link to his contact page.

A person’s still not a person no matter how small in Mississippi

Three weeks ago Mississippi’s Initiative 26, or the “personhood amendment,” enjoyed 80+% support. Last week internal pro-life polling showed it was still up by 18 points.

Yet Initiative 26 ended up losing last night 58-42%.

There were two simple reasons for the loss:

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Liberal feminism is in small or large part to blame for Giuliana Rancic’s breast cancer

E! News host Giuliana Rancic, married to  The Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, announced October 17 that at the age of 36 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

People reported Rancic underwent a double lumpectomy on October 18. Surgeons also removed potentially cancerous lymph nodes.

Rancic will begin radiation treatment in six weeks. Thankfully her prognosis is good because her cancer was caught early.

While the cause of Rancic’s breast cancer cannot be ascertained, her reproductive history was sure to have played a part.

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Sorry, baby: Obama administration to force pro-life hospitals, medical professionals to dispense hormonal contraceptives, perform IVF

Actually, there are 3 ways out: Close hospitals, quit or never get into the medical profession, or engage in civil disobedience.

Yesterday Students for Life of America released an important letter it received April 13 from the Department of Health & Human Services.

HHS was responding to a March 22 inquiry SFLA and 3 pro-life medical groups asking whether medical professionals would be protected from being forced to dispense The Pill, emergency contraceptives, or IVF if in violation of their consciences.

In short, the answer is NO, the Obama administration has changed the rules. Click to enlarge…

Such a linquistic pretzel they have constructed. I would sure love for someone to sue or hold congressional hearings on this point: Is or is not a preborn human being potentially killed after his or her mother ingests hormonal contraceptives?

Every hormonal contraceptive labeling says s/he indeed may be. Even the FDA agrees, try as it might to hide the fact. Click to enlarge:

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New Stanek WND.com column, “The IUD as emergency contraceptive?”

The aversion of a large contingent of the pro-life movement on a critical point has allowed pro-aborts to slither us down a colossal slippery slope.

That contingent has refused to engage on the fact that hormonal contraceptives and the intrauterine device may cause abortions by obstructing days-old embryos from implanting in the uterus.

Now we learn of the next slither down the slope. Reuters reported this week:

A copper intrauterine device was 100% effective at emergency contraception in a study of almost 2000 Chinese women who had the device implanted up to five days after unprotected sex….

“It is by far the best emergency contraceptive option,” [said] Dr. James Trussell… “But many people just don’t know about it.”

I was one. Further news to me, again from Reuters:

On its women’s health site, the Department of Health and Human Services lists intrauterine devices as a valid form of emergency contraception.

Really? Yes.

What should alarm pro-lifers is the likelihood that IUDs inserted post-coitally are most likely to cause abortions….

Continue reading my column today, “The IUD as emergency contraceptive?,” at WorldNetDaily.com.

KFC’s buckets full of breast cancer

kfc bukets for the cure.pngFriend Steve and others notified me last week that Kentucky Fried Chicken was launching a “national ‘Buckets for the Cure™’ campaign, aimed at educating more women and men about breast health, generating support for the cause and attempting to make the single largest donation in the history of Susan G. Komen for the Cure,” according to its press statement.
Steve emailed, “I love KFC, but I guess I can’t go during this time period.”
That’s because Komen gives grants to Planned Parenthood, which as we all know, causes breast cancer by aborting mothers and dispensing hormonal contraceptives. Komen officials say there are certain places in the US where only PP performs breast cancer screening….

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