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“WE are wearing Valentino” ~ Olivia Wilde, and other Oscar night baby mamas

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Loved this, via People:

You’ve heard of moms-to-be eating for two. Well, an expectant Olivia Wilde was dressed for two at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

“We’re wearing Valentino,” Wilde joked….

Wilde, who is expecting a boy with fiancé Jason Sudeikis, also talked about how the couple remember their baby’s due date – which is just two months away, on May 4.

“May the fourth be with you,” they said together.

And I loved this headline, from JustJared.com: “Bruce Willis cradles Emma Heming’s growing baby bump at Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014“…


One preggers mommy became part of a gag during the Big Show, as explained by  hollywoodlife.com:

The internet went ablaze during the Oscars on Mar. 2 when host Ellen DeGeneres asked the audience if anyone wanted pizza and pregnant Kerry Washington eagerly raised her hand….

Every pregnant lady loves a good snack, and Kerry Washington is no different!…

However, when Ellen showed up with three pies and handed slices out, Kerry ended up turning her down. What happened to make Kerry change her mind? Well, it’s a simple answer – the Scandal actress is actually gluten-free!

Later on, Kerry shared a photo of herself snacking on pizza in the green room backstage….


Huffington Post proclaimed Washington’s the “most elegant baby bump at the Academy Awards.”


But wait, there’s one more! And it’s with good reason Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky was “flaunt[ing a] massive baby bump at Oscars 2014” – there are twins in there! They’re due some time this spring.


Because of Christ’s incarnation, “every life is deemed special”

Mary was surely a remarkable young woman. When the angel Gabriel came to her and announced she would bear the Messiah as a virgin, Mary embraced the will of God knowing the sacrifices it would likely bring (Luke 1:26-38). The plans for her marriage would be scuttled. For when the news of her pregnancy reached her espoused husband, Joseph, he would seek to put her away privately. It was only after Joseph was confronted by an angel himself that he decided to follow through on the marriage (Matthew 1:18-20).

Her pregnancy would also cast a shadow of scandal over her and her family. This was seen in a skirmish Jesus had with the religious leaders of his day, when he referred to them as children of the devil. They in turn viciously shot-back at Him with the intimation that He was a bastard child, born of fornication (John 8:41).

By today’s standards in a culture of death, this teenage mother would have been urged to abort her child. But what if it had been possible for Mary to abort Jesus?…

Indeed, if Jesus had never been born it would have created a huge black hole bankrupting the world of the sweetest of treasures.

Of course, the birth of Jesus was unique in that God was taking upon Himself the form of a man. That is much of the beauty of the incarnation of Christ. In that act God dignified and imbued every human life with an inherent value. When God robed himself with human flesh, he was communicating to every age this dramatic declaration, “Everybody is somebody special.”…

Unfortunately, we often don’t see the real costs abortion precipitates…. Abortion in America is not just statistics, its 55 million tragedies – 55 million “awful holes” in society.

~ Rev. Mark Creetch, Christian Post, December 17

[Photo from The Nativity Story]

Obama, media, feminists push taxpayer-funded mustard gas for women

I don’t know what it’s going to take to get people to comprehend that hormonal contraceptives – i.e., the birth control pill, implants, and rings – are rated by the United Nations World Health Organization as Group 1 Carcinogens,” as toxic and in the same class as asbestos, mustard gas, and tobacco.

IT IS A SCANDAL that President Obama, feminists, the media, and the medical establishment continue to push these virulent cancer causing artificial steroids on our women.

Not once in this October 4 puff piece promoting free contraceptives did the Associated Press author or any of the medical professionals interviewed bring up any of the deadly harms of hormonal contraceptives.

THIS IS A FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF THE PUBLIC TRUST, all to promote liberal ideology.

Yes, I’m yelling. I’m so angry.  I listened on Christian radio over the weekend to a member of the Young Survival Coalition, and my heart broke. Why in the world is there the need to form a group such as this for the growing women diagnosed with breast cancer before age 35?  Women are being led like sheep to the slaughter.

From what I can read on YSC’s website, even they don’t fully understand the risk of using hormonal contraceptives, in part because the medical establishment and government agencies downplay it. But the information is out there.

From Slate in September 2010:

Last summer, in a study of more than 50,000 African-American women, Boston University epidemiologist Lynn Rosenberg found a 65 percent increase in a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer among those who had ever taken the birth-control pill. The risk doubles for those who had used the contraceptive within the past five years and had taken it for longer than 10 years.

From the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in April 2012:

The first large-scale U.S.-based study to evaluate the link between an injectable form of progestin-only birth control and breast cancer risk in young women has found that recent use of a year or more doubles the risk….

The National Cancer Institute and the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program funded the research.

From a 2009 study co-authored by Louise Brinton of the National Cancer Institute, about the aforementioned aggressive breast cancer:

[A]mong women ages 20 to 45 years… [o]ral contraceptive use ≥1 year was associated with a 2.5-fold increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer….

Among women ≤40 years, the relative risk for triple-negative breast cancer associated with oral contraceptive use ≥1 year was 4.2…

On and on. Meanwhile, Obama et al use the same tactics as the tobacco industry did (affirming “commitment to public well-being”) to promote contraceptives by ignoring the long list of risks to tout supposed benefits. From CNSNews.com, October 5…

“Contraceptive care… is vital for women’s health. Doctors prescribe contraception, not only for family planning but as a way to reduce the risk of ovarian and other cancers, and it’s good for our health care system in general because we know the overall cost of care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services,” Obama said at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

This is absolutely not true. Two of the risks for ovarian cancer in the first place are not having children and not breastfeeding. And breast cancer isn’t the only risk that steroidal contraceptives increase. WHO also labels them as Class I carcinogens for cervical and liver cancer. They also increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attacks, and more. Obama’s contraceptive push is only going to kill women.

Siri “scandal” due to deceptive advertising by abortion clinics

Last week abortion proponents thought they had discovered a terrible conspiracy, that covert pro-lifers at Apple had secretly programed the new iPhone feature Siri to be pro-life.

Siri is an “intelligent personal assistant” to which (whom?) you can ask questions, and Siri will answer you. If you ask Siri, “Where can I get a good hotdog?” it will respond, “I found several hotdog restaurants near you,” and list them. Etc.

But when pro-aborts asked Siri, “Where can I get an abortion?” it responded, “I don’t see any abortion clinics. Sorry about that,” or something similar.

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