2013-02-04_1118Great news: Two bottom-feeding abortionists in Michigan have retired.

Both Alberto Hodari (top photo) and Enrique Gerbi (bottom photo) allowed their medical and pharmacy licenses to expire as of January 31, 2013 (Hodari here and here [plus pharmacy at four other locations]; Gerbi here and here).

Pro-life activist Lynn Mills first got wind of Hodari’s retirement in December when a receptionist at one of his five Michigan locations let the news slip. Since then Lynn has been watching for his license to lapse, during which time she noticed Gerbi’s was also expiring. Gerbi was a circuit riding abortionist for Hodari, among others.

At his high point Hodari owned 14 Michigan abortion clinics in 1988.

Abortionist Jacob Kalo has purchased two of Hodari’s remaining mills in Sterling Heights and Southfield, and abortionist Theodore Roumell has purchased his mills in Lansing and Flint. Both Kalo and Roumell are quacks in their own right. Hodari’s Livonia dump in Livonia is presently closed “for remodeling” (see photo below left) and at various times has been up for sale. Hopefully, it will be demolished.