imageGuest post by Leroy Dodd

On January 28, in my capacity as social media manager for a coalition of national black pro-life leaders, I set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter to promote our upcoming demonstration in Los Angeles of the NAACP Image Awards on February 1.

We had a number of press releases going out that morning, and I wanted to take advantage of social media platforms to raise awareness about what I call the “Black Betrayal” – NAACP’s gross failure to put black America’s best interest first, demonstrated by its willingness to not only ignore the black genocidal agenda of Planned Parenthood but to go so far as partner with this organization that racially targets black communities with abortion.

My first Tweet was at 9:17a: “Black Leaders prepare to protest @NAACP for its #Betrayal of the black community.”

Only six tweets and less than two hours later we got our first suspension, after I hit “reply” to a tweet sent out by @NAACPIMAGEAWARD promoting their show, wherein I linked to our press release and the hashtag #BlackBetrayal.