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Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast actually settled for $4.3 mil, not $1.3 mil, for Medicaid fraud

ppfraud-320x240Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced on July 24 that his office had obtained a $1.4 million settlement against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for Medicaid fraud, with the settlement to be split between the state of Texas, the federal government, and the whistleblower (former PPGC employee Karen Reynolds).

It turns out the AG was apparently only announcing his state’s cut. The total settlement is actually $4.3 million – almost $3 million more than previously known. From the Houston Chronicle today:

Planned Parenthood’s Houston-based affiliate clarified Tuesday that it settled for $4.3 million, three times the $1.4 million that Abbott reported a week ago.

His spokesman tried to explain the discrepancy, indicating Abbott intended to announce the smaller amount, which represents the “state’s designation.” But it’s unclear why Abbott wouldn’t have announced the whole amount.

The attorney general also jumped the gun with his press release, announcing the settlement before it had been finalized. (It has since been signed by all parties.)

When I called the AG’s press office to help me understand the discrepancy  I was greeted by a inexplicably rude man who wouldn’t even give me his name. His response before hanging up, “It means the investigation is not over.” Ok. Still don’t understand, but there you go.

Despite the confusion this would all seem to be good news, although the original charge was that PPGC “submitted more than $30 million in fraudulent bills between 2003 and 2009,” according to the Houston Chronicle, July 30.

“If the original claim that PP defrauded the taxpayer of $30 million is near accurate, it means that PP settled for 15 cents on the dollar,” wrote American Life League’s Jim Sedlak to me in an email. “No incentive there to stop committing Medicaid fraud.”

Abby Johnson’s lawsuit against the same Planned Parenthood affiliate is still not settled. Abby alleges PPGC committed “over $5.7 million in fraud,” according to her legal representation, Alliance Defending Freedom.

[HT: Jim Sedlak; graphic via ADF]

Abortion clinic workers: Be a whistleblower now, not accessory to murder later


By now workers at every late-term abortion clinic in America (and there are way more than four) are buzzing about Kermit Gosnell’s conviction this week of murdering three abortion survivors.

Clinic staff have also likely noticed that four of Gosnell’s employees were swept up into his junk and have pleaded guilty of murder, and four others to lesser charges.

Then yesterday came revelations of another hack who allegedly murdered living babies he had just aborted.

Three former employees of late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen of Houston, Texas, have come forward, with photographic and video evidence that he murdered born babies in heinous ways and also committed abortions far beyond the legal limit..

Those three employees were smart. They got out of the industry as whistleblowers and not as accessories to murder. They are helping bring a sadistic abortionist to justice rather than going down with him.

Gigi Aguilar, Deborah Edge, and Krystal Rodriguez came forward after receiving a postcard from Operation Rescue. The pro-life community has now connected them with attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom, who helped them contact authorities in Texas.

Operation Rescue sent a new postcard to every abortion clinic in the U.S. two weeks ago. Click to enlarge…



If you are a clinic worker, have you seen the postcard? If not, your boss likely threw it away.

Seriously consider the fact that if your clinic is involved in illegal late-term abortionists and/or infanticide, it is eventually going to get exposed. Two committees in the U.S. Congress have now launched probes. Who knows if one of your co-workers has already squealed. Troy Newman of OR tells me he has received a tip from one informant already from his new postcard campaign. Was it from your clinic?

You can’t just quit. You’ll still be charged. You have to become a whistleblower. Call 316-683=6790 x155 TODAY.

Pro-life news brief 7-11-12

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • At Jezebel, one anonymous woman who describes herself as “a visible pro-choice advocate and public figure,” explains why she won’t “come out” about her abortion and openly wonders if efforts by pro-choice groups to have women share their abortion experiences does more harm than good for the pro-choice movement.
  • The New York Times reports Feng Jianmei, the woman who was forced into an abortion at 7 months in China, will receive a payment from her local government. According to the People’s Daily online the payment will be approximately $11,000:

    Zhang Kai, Deng [Jiyuan’s] attorney, submitted an appeal to the Ankang police and procurators on July 2, asking authorities to file a case and start investigations into the local officials involved. However, Deng [Feng Jianmei’s husband] returned home during the past weekend and decided to hold negotiations with the local government agencies.

    “I’ve given up legal appeals and agreed to take the compensation offered by the township government,” Deng told the Global Times Tuesday.

    “We just want our normal life back,” he said.

  • The Des Moines Register is covering Sue Thayer’s (pictured left) whistleblower lawsuit against Planned Parenthood:

    The suit alleges the nonprofit organization illegally billed Medicaid for services related to elective abortions. Elective abortions, defined as abortions in which the mother’s life is not threatened, are not covered by Medicaid under federal and state law. The document also claims Planned Parenthood “unbundled” services related to elective abortions — such as blood pressure tests, blood tests and other procedures — and billed those to Medicaid, but not the actual abortions.

    The lawsuit also alleges Planned Parenthood staff in Storm Lake and other clinics prescribed birth control pills for as long as 14 months without a qualified health care professional ever directly seeing patients or conducting a follow-up visit. A qualified health care professional should have seen the women at least once every three months, the suit says.