Maloney baloney – UNFPA amendment to be proposed

Later this evening, pro-abort Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) will offer an amendment to the Science State Justice and Commerce Appropriations bill that would force the U.S. to fund the United Nations Population Fund.
Reminder from congressional pro-life caucus: “Last Congress we only had a 219-216 advantage on this issue, so this is one of the closest Floor votes for us.”
This is a vote on forced abortion, because UNFPA continues to give financial and technical support to the Chinese forced abortion program. The U.S. should not reward UNFPA for their human rights violations by giving them funding.
On the next page are excerpts from the most recent State Department report on UNFPA’s support of the coercive Chinese population control program. It shows UNFPA is still supporting the Chinese program with materials, funding, expertise, and even helping to make the program more “efficient.”
Action: Call your congressman now and tell him or her to vote no on this amendment.
3:10p update: It now appears that this amendment will be offered tomorrow instead of later today.

Excerpts from 2004 Department of State Report on United Nations Population Fund Support of China’s Coercive Population Control Program

July 15th 2004 Letter from Secretary of State Colin Powell:
“China continues to employ coercion in its birth planning program, including through severe penalties for ‘out of plan births’ and UNFPA’s program has not been restructured to solve the problems identified in 2002. UNFPA continues its support and involvement in China’s coercive birth limitation program in counties where China’s restrictive law and penalties are enforced by government officials.”
State Department’s Report to Congress on China’s Birth Limitation Policy
“Despite several rounds of discussions with U.S. representatives, UNFPA and China decided not to make substantive changes to the proposed UNFPA fifth country program. For example, UNFPA did not condition the start of the program on the elimination of social compensation fees.”
“China’s coercive policies have, since the Secretary’s July 2002 determination, now been codified and enforced as a matter of national law.”
“This law codifies on a national basis, for the first time, China’s longstanding ‘one child policy’ and specifies a number of government birth limitation measures that amount to coercion.”
“Citizens who give birth to a child in violation of Article 18 of this law should pay a social compensation fee…. (Article 41)”
“Fees range from the equivalent of one half the local average annual household income to as much as 10 times that level. One County where UNFPA has activities, Liuyang in Hunan Province, assesses a fee of two times the average annual household income.”
“Other coercive measures in place in China include cutting off state-funded education or health care benefits for ‘out of plan’ children, loss of employment, and imposition of a system of severe fines and penalties.”
“These efforts miss the mark…. Their end result is not that couples and individuals may freely make decisions as to the number and spacing of their children. Rather in counties where the UNFPA operates, China continues to implement its coercive laws and practices.”
“The UNFPA Budget for CP5 amounts to almost $8 million over three years.”
“UNFPA continues to fund equipment for China, including for management information systems and data management software which are capable of tracking births.”
“UNFPA is also financing improvements in the administration of the local family planning offices.”
“These resources are provided directly or indirectly to the State Family Planning Comission in counties where it enforces the fines and administrative penalties such as job loss, demotion, and expulsion from the communist party.”
“This as well as UNFPA’s supplying equipment and supplies to the very agencies that employ coercive practices, amounts to support for not only in China’s broader population-planning activities, but also specifically for the Chinese governments more effective implementation of its program of coercive abortion.”
“Coercive birth limitation measures in law and policy continue in counties in which UNFPA assists China.”