MSM’s embryonic truths magnified I

I said yesterday that MSM’s pro-embryonic stem cell stories usually contain incredible, minimized truths for the beholding eye. Here are a few in a Houston Chronicle article today, entitled, “South Korean will urge research into customized tissue for patients (bold emphases mine)….

….South Korean researcher Woo Suk Hwang will tell a gathering of scientists and other advocates of stem-cell research at Baylor College of Medicine how he made nearly a dozen cloned human embryos that are genetic twins of diseased patients.
The achievement brings scientists closer to what many say is the future of medicine, where doctors treat heart patients with customized heart tissue, diabetics with insulin-producing pancreatic tissue and a host of other diseases with genetically tailored spare parts….
Hwang’s breakthrough made one thing clearer: Stem-cell science isn’t just about deriving utilitarian benefit from leftover embryos discarded by fertility clinics. It’s also about creating new embryos whose stem cells have even greater medical potential, known as therapeutic cloning….
Indeed, the summit at Baylor is not so much a science conference as a chance to plot strategy to advance the stem-cell movement’s agenda. With the exception of Hwang’s session and one other, the themes concern public perception and effective advocacy….
[S]aid Gerald Schatten, a reproductive scientist with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the only U.S. member of Hwang’s team, “Imagine what we’ll be able to find in the embryonic cell lines of people with diseases [Jill note: i.e., CLONES] we have little understanding of, such as autism”….