US House could have stopped cloning tonight but didn’t

From DC source:
A short while ago Dr. Weldon offered an amendment to cut off National Institutes of Health funds to any entity involved in human cloning, and the amendment failed by a vote of 29-36.
This was an amendment offered to the Labor, Health, Human Services and Education Appropriations bill during committee, so only Appropriations Committee Members had the chance to vote for or against human cloning.
I want to make sure you all have this list of how Members voted, because this was a critical pro-life opportunity that was lost. Because a few Members with pro-life records decided not to vote for this amendment, human cloning will continue to be legal in the United States.
If the researchers who are tirelessly working in the US right now to clone humans are somehow successful in the next few months or year, these are the names you need to remember. Those who voted against the Weldon Amendment are responsible.
Dr. Weldon and his staff are heroes for leading the charge. They have been working tirelessly for weeks on this and have endured incredible attacks and pressure. Even with all the attacks and threats of future penalties, Dr. Weldon was willing to do this for the cause, and for that he deserves a huge amount of credit. Reps. Wicker and Wamp also gave outstanding speeches in favor of the Weldon Amendment.

Votes follow….

36 voted for human cloning – the creation of human embryos for research – (against the Weldon Amendment):
Jerry Lewis, CA (R – Chairman) (worked very hard against the Weldon Amendment)
Ralph Regula, OH (R – Vice Chair) (worked very hard against the Weldon Amendment)
Jim Kolbe, AZ (R)
James Walsh, NY (R)
David L. Hobson, OH (R)
Joe Knollenberg, MI (R)
Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, NJ (R)
Kay Granger, TX (R)
John Sweeney, NY (R)
Mark Steven Kirk, IL (R)
David R. Obey, WI (D – Ranking Member)
John P. Murtha, PA (D) (spoke against the Weldon Amendment)
Norman D. Dicks, WA (D)
Martin Olav Sabo, MN (D)
Steny H. Hoyer, MD (D)
Marcy Kaptur, OH (D)
Peter J. Visclosky, IN (D)
Nita M. Lowey, NY (D)
Jose E. Serrano, NY (D)
James P. Moran, VA (D)
Rosa L. DeLauro, CT (D)
Ed Pastor, AZ (D)
David E. Price, NC (D)
Chet Edwards, TX (D)
Patrick J. Kennedy, RI (D)
James E. Clyburn, SC (D)
Maurice D. Hinchey, NY (D)
Allen Boyd, FL (D)
Lucille Roybal-Allard, CA (D)
Sam Farr, CA (D)
Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., IL (D)
Carolyn C. Kilpatrick, MI (D)
Chaka Fattah, PA (D)
Steven R. Rothman, NJ (D)
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr., GA (D)
John W. Olver, MA (D)
29 voted against human cloning (for the Weldon Amendment):
Alan B. Mollohan, WV (D)
Marion Berry, AR (D)
Robert E. “Bud” Cramer, Jr., AL (D)
Harold Rogers, KY (R)
Frank R. Wolf, VA (R)
Charles H. Taylor, NC (R)
Ernest J. Istook, Jr., OK (R)
Henry Bonilla, TX (R)
Roger F. Wicker, MS (R)
Jo Ann Emerson, MO (R)
Anne Northup, KY (R)
Randy “Duke” Cunningham, CA (R)
Todd Tiahrt, KS (R)
Zach Wamp, TN (R)
Tom Latham, IA (R)
John E. Peterson, PA (R)
Robert Aderholt, AL (R)
Virgil Goode, VA (R)
John Doolittle, CA (R)
Don Sherwood, PA (R)
Dave Weldon, FL (R)
Michael K. Simpson, ID (R)
John Abney Culberson, TX (R)
Ander Crenshaw, FL (R)
Dennis R. Rehberg, MT (R)
John Carter, TX (R)
Rodney Alexander, LA (R)
Jack Kingston, GA (R)
Ray LaHood, IL (R)
1 did not vote
C. W. Bill Young, FL (R) (didn’t vote)

2 thoughts on “US House could have stopped cloning tonight but didn’t”

  1. The House members who voted for human cloning are perhaps unaware that the United Nations passed a Declaration banning on all human cloning earlier this year. The world community has spoken on cloning, and a two thirds majority of the 191 UN member nations say that cloning violates human dignity.
    United Nations declarations are non-binding, still, a very strong majority supported this Declaration which urges all member nations to enact cloning bans within their own countries.
    Usually, the Democrats in Congress seem to agree with U.N. decisions, but obviously not this time–they may not know, and they certainly don’t care.

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