Blagojevich the deceitful, fraudulent, lying liar

It’s interesting that my two favorite IL liberal bloggers – Miller and Zorn – had nothing to say today about Gov. Blagojevich’s $10 mil executive order authorizing taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell experimentation and human cloning.
Perhaps they thought it was no biggie.
Or perhaps, caught between their anti-life position and Blagojevich’s tyranny, they decided not to say anything at all.
I certainly have a lot to say. First, a specific, and then on to politics.
On specifics, Blagojevich is a lying liar. His press release stated (and he also verbalized at the press conference), “The Executive Order also mandates that no funding will be authorized for research involving human cloning.”
That statement is so false (or to give benefit of doubt, utterly and incredibly ignorant) that I can hardly sit still. And this is a critical point, because most Americans are against human cloning. The executive order states, “The [IL Regenerative Medicine Institute] program shall provide funding for… somatic cell nuclear transfer,” which is indeed human cloning. Look it up on google, Eric. Is this ok with you?
On to politics.
Blagojevich, and surely Madigan, Cross, Jones, and Schoenberg were all in on the intent of the generic $10 mil budget line-item that was tossed in the trough with other fine pork right before the budget deadline. That’s why Cross, Schoenberg, and Hynes stopped fighting for their precious ESCR/cloning bill toward the end of session or any evil strain thereof.
The line-item is an appropriation “for grants and related expenses of hospitals and universities for scientific research.”
Blago et al hoodwinked their own fellow Democrats, many of whom are pro-life and would never have voted for ESCR/cloning had they known. Instead, all Dem senators are now on record as voting to publicly fund ESCR/cloning, and I fully expect this will be used against them.
When will downstate Dems wise up (or grow cahones) and revolt against Chicago Dems? Once again liberal Dems are forcing their ideology on conservative Dems. What good is it being a conservative Democrat, I want to know.
Tom Cross? He was easy to spot at the press conference, standing on the podium brushing tears from his eyes as he looked at the purposefully placed innocent diabetic children – who had no idea they were being used as part of a huge political scam.
I can only pity Rep. Cross for having been hoodwinked himself into believing ESCR/cloning can possibly help his daughter. Rather, it is adult stem cell research that is even today helping diabetics. Cross and other parents of diabetics are actually hurting their children’s chances of recovery by diverting money away from research and treatment that is doing something now toward research even defenders admit is “highly speculative” and may never pan out.
Politically, Cross has fallen into the hands of the Democrats and is dividing Republicans.
Enough ranting for now.

13 thoughts on “Blagojevich the deceitful, fraudulent, lying liar”

  1. Illinois’ governor funds human cloning while..

    Just imagine the wordsmith of the above paragraph trying to come up with this ridiculous definition of human cloning but struggling not to mention that the actual cloning of a human being has already taken place.

  2. The one person clearly responsible for this subterfuge and for bypassing the legislature is G-Rod, not Cross, unless and until other evidence emerges. Cross is at odds with his party in defending the Gov’s manuever and in supporting stem cell research. I think the guy genuinely believes this research may save his daughter.

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