New WND column: “Hens, clones, foolish loans”

My column today on, “Hens, clones, foolish loans,” draws attention to the $3 billion California embryonic stem cell experimentation catastrophe.
Aside from the fact that the agency overseeing grant money distribution has been accused of corruption and insider deal making…
and aside from the belated true confessions now coming out re: the promises made about ESCR before voters approved funding it…
and aside from the fact researchers now admit that cloning is indispensable to ESCR…
and aside from the fact that more women egg-layers are needed…
I didn’t have room to mention that Proposition 71 didn’t mandate private researchers must share any profits made with their investors – the People of California. And they’re not planning to either.
Duh duh duh.

3 thoughts on “New WND column: “Hens, clones, foolish loans””

  1. Didn’t everyone say that it was mean-spirited conservatives who were the block in the turnpike?
    I mean, even Enron couldn’t lose as much money in the nooks and crannies as is routinely “lost” every year by the federal government. Even California isn’t up to its level.
    I have noticed a real anomaly though. For some reason private money being invested in adult stem cell research seems to be having a real impact and is leading to some real promising therapies that are being tested as I write.
    It’s obvious there’s some serious nefarious work being done keeping those embryonic cells not working. It’s probably Nixon’s fault.
    By the way, since I have been living with M.S. for some 13 years now, I actually care about stem cell research, so much that I would get really angry if the government started putting money into the adult side of it. In my experience, the easiest way to ensure failure of a project is to inject government money into it.

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