October is a big banquet month for pro-life groups, and I appreciate your patience as I travelled extensively speaking last month and just couldn’t do it all, which meant I had to forego blogging.
I met hundreds of pro-lifers and spoke to thousands more. If pro-lifers only understood how vast our U.S. network is, we’d become more assertive in our demands to stop abortion.
Of course, liberals and the mainstream media would have us believe we’re in the minority, but I’d like to see them gather large groups of abortion supporters in literally every county, city, and town of America like pro-lifers do. They can’t.
The abortion strongholds are urban areas. But even those living in big cities aren’t necessarily abortion proponents; they just abort more.
This brings me to one of the higher points of my travels (and every stop last month was literally a memorable high point), and that was attending Michigan Right to Life’s Urban Outreach Seminar.
I have had a growing awareness that pro-lifers must focus on big cities. We will not only succeed in the point of it all: cutting down on the number of abortions in the places where most abortions are committed, we will also succeed in organically growing more pro-life legislators. Most liberal legislators come from big cities.
MI RTL has created a compelling powerpoint presentation called, “The Life of a People,” which outlines the destruction of the black community due to abortion. (51% of blacks live in urban areas, as opposed to 21% of whites.)
You can view a cut from that presentation on MI RTL’s website. MI RTL also has established an office in Detroit, which is where the Urban Outreach Seminar was held.
Do you have a large city near you? Don’t give up on it. It is a field white unto the harvest. Discuss with your pro-life group your responsibility to bring the truth about abortion to that city. Contact Kathy Crombie at MI RTL’s Detroit office at 248-553-8800 or kbcrombie@rtl.org for ideas and to purchase “The Life of a People.”
P.S. Thanks for your concern and prayers for my mother-in-law. She is comfortable.

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