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Demonstrating creative tenacity, Pennsylvania’s Face the Truth America (warning: aborted baby photo on home page of FTTA) did not quit when Trone Outdoor Advertising rejected its billboard ad concept, a live baby photo next to an aborted baby photo with the caption, “YOUR CHOICE.”
The group resubmitted the ad layout with a “CENSORED” bar across the aborted baby photo, and this time Trone approved it.
“We think the ‘CENSORED’ bar will attract as much attention as the raw picture,” wrote FTTA organizer Bob Newman in a letter to supporters. I agree.
The 14’x48′ display will go up March 1 for six months at mile marker 114.7 on the westbound PA Turnpike, where 25,000 vehicles a day pass by.
Newman reports such a great response that FTTA has contracted a second billboard on the eastbound Turnpike at mile marker 114.6. For more information contact Bob at info@facethetruthamerica.com.

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