double left turn.jpgLast year, there were two test bills that outted the IL General Assembly’s social uberliberals: the gay special rights bill, which attracted them like pheromones, and the Born Alive bill, which repelled them like, well, dead babies.
This year’s test bill is HB4156, the ban on taxpayer funded human cloning.
I spent yesterday in Springfield lobbying for HB4156. We’re up to 50 co-sponsors. Only hardcore liberals would oppose such a bill. Between 75-80% of Americans consistently poll against human cloning, never mind having to pay for it, which Blagojevich forced on us with his executive order.
Only one rep yesterday flat-out refused to support HB4156. All others either said yes or that they’d consider it.
The rep was Careen Gordon, and her opposition surprised me.
Right before the 2004 election, Gordon wrote a letter to a constituent stating, “I was born and raised Catholic; as such I respect the rights of the unborn…. I have supported legislation advocated for by the Catholic Conference of Illinois and the National (sic) Federation for the Right to Life and promise to continue supporting legislation that protects the rights of the unborn.”
I handed Gordon her letter yesterday and reminded her that both aforementioned groups support HB4156. She still refused to support it.
Perhaps the “rights of the unborn” Gordon planned as a candidate to protect were those of unborn clones.
There’s only one problem with that. Researchers create clones in order to dissect and kill them.

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