The February 13-19 Washington Times National Weekly Edition reported:

A new Pentagon strategy report… bluntly states that China is the greatest potential challenge to the U.S. military and is rapidly building up its military….
The Pentagon report… notes that Beijing is investing heavily in military force, “particularly in its strategic arsenal and capabilities designed to improve its ability to project power beyond its borders.”

china.jpgThe February 20-26 edition reported on satellite photos of China showing nuclear warheads stored in a secret underground submarine tunnel. Reported the WT:

Adm. Gary Roughead, commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, said he did not consider China “a threat.” But he also said in a speech Feb. 14 that China’s purpose behind its rapid military buildup is not fully known.

Well, I consider China a threat, and I can guess why China is engaged in “rapid military buildup.” Connecting more dots, China’s one-child policy resulting in a grave disparity between boys to girls born is well-reported. It is hard to believe this isn’t purposeful.
Feminists and liberals aren’t the only ones upon whom promotion of the overpopulation myth and abortion worldwide will backfire.

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