“I might say, ‘This is Pete; he juggles. Your son will never juggle because he won’t have any arms. He’ll be cut to pieces.'”

~ Pro-Life Action League founder Joe Scheidler, on what he says to mothers approaching abortion mills, while showing them photos of his grandchildren and aborted babies, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune, yesterday.
Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Scheidler’s favor for the third time in the landmark case, NOW vs. Scheidler. NOW sued in 1986 for conducting sit-ins at abortion mills.
NOW’s filing under the RICO statute alarmed protestors of other venues and thus brought together strange bedfellows with Scheidler against NOW, including Martin Sheen and PETA.
In 2003, the Supremes ruled 8-1 in Scheidler’s favor, but the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals incredibly refused to implement the decision in 2004. Yesterday’s unanimous ruling dealt a death blow to NOW’s case… hopefully.
“It’s over now,” Scheidler said, according to the Trib. “I think it’s over.”

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