In 1876, the Oglala Sioux were responsible for massacring Gen. George Custer and his men at Little Bighorn, mutilating and scalping them as they went.
What a difference 130 years make. Today the Oglala Sioux plan to massacre their own children, mutilating and scalping them as they go.
Tribe president Cecilia Fire Thunder says that in the event a new South Dakota abortion
ban withstands court challenges, she will plant a Planned Parenthood abortion mill on her reservation.
Meanwhile, NativeTimes.com writer Tim Giago calls the ban “stupid.”
Sorry, chief, stupid is as stupid does.
Stupid is…

Continue reading my column today, “Sioux tribe plans to scalp its own,” on WorldNetDaily.com.
Link to article on South Dakota and Native American law: www.lifenews.com/state1532.html

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