New Stanek column on WND: “Vampires on campus”

There has been a surge in pro-abortion violence on college campuses this spring.
vampire.jpgMost recently, Professor Sally Jacobsen at Northern Kentucky University became so enraged by a display of little white crosses commemorating children lost to abortion that she incited her students to destroy it – in broad daylight with a newspaper photographer snapping away.
Could Jacobsen be so tormented by crosses because she’s a vampire?
Read my theory and about other recent vandalism committed by abortion proponents at such universities as Baylor, Harvard, and Princeton in my column today, “Vampires on Campus.”

2 thoughts on “New Stanek column on WND: “Vampires on campus””

  1. In your excellent article on the vampire professor you quoted the following:
    In March, vandals at Baylor University stole 3,500 pink and blue flags from a pro-life display during the night, replacing a sign that said, “In loving memory of 3,500 children aborted daily in the United States,” with a sign stating, “Abortion saves 7,000 adult lives every day.”
    Note the “7000 adults” includes presumably the 3,500 not-very-adult human males who SIRED (not fathered) a child while getting their rocks off.
    I know I am a broken record on this, but abortion is to the Sexual Revolution what the guillotine was to the French Revolution and the secret police, firing squads and gulags were/are to Communist revolutions.
    Until women see that the Sexual Revolution’s insistence on abortion is meant to allow boys to stay perpetually horny adolescents (like that sad sack, Hugh Hefner, now a parody of himself), they will stay enslaved to an amoral and immoral revolution that has only brought them and their offspring disease, poverty, abandonment and death.
    Boomer women must constantly warn the young about the havoc our generation’s revolution has wrought. It is not enough to be anti-abortion. One must be anti-sexual revolution to have any impact on issues ranging from illegitimacy, HIV/AIDS, and abortion.

  2. Excellent Bev C.,
    I’ve always wondered about legislators’ lack of response to pro-life arguments. It seems very much like a ‘need’ to protect this macho-mentality very definitely an old-boys-club support.

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