Sen. Frist called for unanimous consent once again this morning to send the Child Custody Protection Act to conference (i.e., for Senate reps to meet with House reps to work out agreeable language, since they passed similar but not identical bills).
This time, supposedly pro-life Sen. Reid stood up and objected, rather than rabid pro-abort Sen. Durbin, heretofore the visible obstructor.
Reid and Durbin say they are objecting on behalf of Sen. Boxer, who submitted an amendment to take away parental rights of incest perpetrators. This is a surprisingly good pro-life amendment. The Senate approved it, but it wasn’t in the House language . Frist has promised not to accept any language from conference that doesn’t include this amendment, but Boxer says this promise isn’t good enough. It’s all a smoke-screen.
Reid reminded Frist he could go over Reid’s head and call for a vote to send the bill to conference. This was either a taunt or an attempt to find a way out due to pressure. Sources suggest the former. Frist didn’t bite. I’m not clear why. Seems to me he would want to get senators on record who might vote for the bill before they vote against it. Furthermore, since CCPA passed 65-34, it seems likely although not guaranteed that a motion by Frist to override Reid would pass.
If CCPA doesn’t leave the Senate tomorrow, there won’t be time to get all ducks in a row before its September 15 recess. It will become increasingly difficult to see CCPA become law after tomorrow.
IL Federation for the Right to Life launched an urgent nationwide on-line petition drive two days ago and has heard from all but two of 50 states, including one congressman. IFRL is faxing the names they have to Reid, Durbin, and Frist this afternoon but are still gathering names. Please sign this petition.
Or call them at 202-224-3121.

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