Is it possible during the tenure of a Republican-controlled Congress and presidency that pro-life legislation with an 80 percent public approval rating won’t pass?
Yes. And if that happens, the responsibility will rest solely with one man: Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.
The measure in question would make it a federal crime for non-parental adults to traffic minor girls for abortions across state lines without notifying her parents….
We pro-lifers have done our part during the two months since Senate Democrats blocked this bill from advancing. We have focused our ire on the obstructionists….
Last night House Republicans brilliantly called those Senate Democrats on their ruse by passing a
new version of this legislation including an amendment they claimed to want, which pro-lifers approve, and kicking it back to the Senate.
Does Frist have the resolve to defend our girls from rapists? Does he have the guts to battle Democrats head-on to do so? He must call for a vote on this legislation by Friday, the last day of session before the election.
By the way, all this last-minute stuff is Frist’s own fault. DC pro-lifers implored him to present this interstate parental notification bill in 2005, but he….

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