Consider the iceberg: Only the tip is visible.
Such is the short Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative to be voted on next month. Beneath it looms a titanic constitutional amendment.
Amendment Two, as it is called, is a proportional Titanic. At five pages and 2,000 words, it is half the length of the entire United States Constitution. Its opening paragraph – conveniently omitted from promoter Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures’ website – lists 45 sections of the Constitution of Missouri it would incredibly delete or change.
Amendment Two is also a linguistic Titanic. Crafted by researchers and groups with financial stakes in its passage, it is packed with convoluted legal and scientific jargon chopped up and buried in various places so it really says the opposite of what they say it says.
Amendment Two’s biggest lie: “No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being.”
To say that, crafters simply changed the definition of cloning to say a clone isn’t a clone unless implanted in a mother’s uterus.
This is like saying you are not you unless you are in your house. If you leave your house, you are no longer you. You are a thing. And if you are caught outside your house, you can be dissected and sold for parts.
Crafters said while they banned cloning, they endorsed “somatic cell nuclear transfer.” This is like banning the killing of humans but endorsing the killing of Homo sapiens….
Some other whoppers in Amendment Two….

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