Posted Feb. 16 on the I Blame the Patriarchy blog:

It seems fantastic, by which I mean unbelievable, that trained pharmacists should… be unaware that Plan B does not “end life” or abort anything, not humans or babies or fetuses or blastodermic vesicles or anything. It is so fantastic that it can’t be true; these are professionals who must know that Plan B merely prevents an ovary from releasing an egg. Plan B may also prevent a fertilized egg – not a human, baby, fetus, or blastodermic vesicle, but a clot of inconsequential cooties – from infesting the uterine wall in the first place….

One might at first assume that was written by an uneducated post-adolescent, but I was surprised the author, Twisty Faster, navigated that phase of life about 30 years ago.
I will say Twisty takes some great photos of cuisine (seriously), a career path I would recommend she pursue rather than biology instruction.
However, I, as your in-house labor and delivery RN, am qualified to educate on this issue….

First, an illustration of the early stages of human development, including scientific names on specific days, to address Twisty’s conjecture that, as fantastic as she may find this, at no time do medical or scientific professionals denote a human fertilized egg as a “clot of inconsequential cooties”:
If differentiating between zygote, morula, blastocyst (blastula) is too much work, the term “embryo” will do, which is what scientists in general denote preborn humans until eight weeks of age (after which scientists call them fetuses).
On Twisty’s conjecture that despite the fact she acknowledges Plan B (the morning-after pill) may “prevent a fertilized egg… from infesting the uterine wall,” she disbelieves this “end[s] life,” she needs to get with the times and read up on such topics as in vitro fertilization or embryonic stem cell research, which dispel that flat earth theory.
Escr scientists would have no desire for human embryos in their quest for human cures were the human embryos not human. Nor would there be a debate about escr were those being debated not human, except perhaps by PETA. And since PETA is strangely silent on the topic of escr, it must be concluded human embryos are not chimpanzee, mouse, or whale embryos. Only for those sorts of experimentations would PETA care.
Twisty is right. I have not yet read or heard a trained pharmacist refer to human embryos as a “clot of inconsequential cooties.” Twisty is on the twisted edge.

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