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I alluded in my column today to the New York City campaign to distribute 26 million free condoms this year. I thought you might like to see the packaging, which is designed after NYC subway lines. The photo here is from blogger Gothamist’s site.
This is related to the HPV vaccine fak in that its proponents want to educate about the vaccine, not the sexually destructive behavior that leads to the need for a vaccine.
NYC stats are shocking. According to the NYC Health Department:

York City has the highest AIDS case rate in the country, with more AIDS cases than Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Washington DC combined. HIV is the 3rd leading cause of death below age 65 in New York City…..
Approximately 1 in 70 New Yorkers is infected with HIV…
1 in 40 African Americans.
1 in 25 men living in Manhattan.
1 in 12 black men age 40-49 years.
1 in 10 men who have sex with men.
1 in 8 injection drug users.
1 in 5 black men age 40-49 in Manhattan.
1 in 4 men who have sex with men in Chelsea.

Note here the “prevention” techniques Dr. Thomas Frieden, Commissioner of the NYC Health Dept., recommends for what he acknowledges is an “epidemic” that appallingly “is the leading cause of death for men age 25 to 44”:

The Department has dramatically increased voluntary testing in the city’s jails, sexually-transmitted disease clinics, and tuberculosis clinics… substantially increased HIV testing in public hospitals and clinics… awarded $2.5M in contracts for HIV testing and linkage to medical care to community organizations and medical providers, including those serving homeless populations… visited primary care physicians in high-prevalence neighborhoods to provide information and tools to promote testing… working with dozens of organizations around the city to provide assistance with implementing rapid HIV testing programs. Other prevention activities include providing over 1.5 million free condoms each month through DOHMH facilities and community organizations and expanding syringe exchange to areas of the city never previously served.

What is missing from that list? A discussion of the destructive behaviors leading to HIV infection. Incredible.
See below the You Tube video below showing a NYC worker distributing condoms during rush hour at a subway. Note the slick logo on his coat.

Not only are condoms woefully inadequate barriers against STDs and pregnancy, the social agenda behind their promotion as the “prevention” of same is an abject failure, based on an unwillingness to tell the truth.

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