view3.jpgFrom Portfolio Weekly, Feb. 13:

… House Bill 1883… would have required that a medical facility providing more than 25 abortions a year to comply with the same regulatory requirements that ambulatory surgical centers must meet….
“Right now veterinary clinics are held to a higher standard.”… said Steven Braumlich, a spokesperson for Young Pro-Life Virginia in Williamsburg.
The legislation, had it passed, would have likely meant the closing of all but two of Virginia’s 20 clinics… said Robert Rashdi, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia.
“The clinics would not have been in compliance without costly major upgrades which they could not afford to make,” said Rashdi ,who added that the upgrades would have been largely cosmetic.

[Photo is of stacked tubs and buckets of aborted babies inside a California abortion mill.]

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