Where was Barack Obama when we needed him? While legislatures around the country have been debating when human life begins and the morality of experimenting on human embryos, who knew liberal luminary Obama would provide the answer Sunday in Selma?  From Obama’s speech:

We have too many children in poverty in this country, and everybody should be ashamed, but don’t tell me it doesn’t have a little to do with the fact that we’ve got too many daddies not acting like daddies. Don’t think that fatherhood ends at conception.

Belushi Actually, that last line makes no sense.  But I am reminded of John Belushi in Animal House when he shouted, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!” and will just go with it.

Obama was trying to say a man becomes a father at conception, which is fascinating.  You can’t be a father to a newly created subhuman or nonhuman. 

Liberal blogger Archpundit dared to contradict Obama by saying…

… “A blastocyst is a clump of 50-150 undifferentiated cells. That is not a human being.”

Shockingly, Archpundit insulted Obama even further! Responding to someone’s assertion that “blastocysts are humans,” Archpundit said that was “factually incorrect”! Horrors!  Did Archpundit call Obama a liar?

I asked Archie what then was factually correct? He said, “Where one specifically draws the line is debatable, but a blastocyst is not a human being. 150 undifferentiated cells does not make a human being.”

It is fascinating that proponents of human embryo experimentation like Archie are so sure human life does not begin at conception but not so sure when it does.

It is equally fascinating that proponents of human embryo experimentation (and abortion) like Barack Obama appear to understand when human life begins (who also said during the Selma speech, "Thank God, He’s made us in His image.") but don’t mind condemning them to death.