The headiine in today’s Washington Post: “Birth control crackdown sparks riots in rural China.”
The International Herald Tribune: “Chinese villagers riot over stricter population-control.”
And National Public Radio: “Chinese riot over birth control policies.”
Bad enough. But were the extensive riots, which reportedly involved 10,000-50,000 and “rolled from village to village” as “rioters smashed and burned government offices, overturned official vehicles and clashed with the riot police,” simply about women rebelling against the Chinese government telling them they couldn’t flush contraceptives down the drain?
No, the riots were about being fined for having more than one child. And buried as one-liners in news reports was how the Chinese government enforces its one-child policy, as quoted from the Post, paragraph 4:

Local officials eager to meet population quotas have frequently been accused of forcing women to submit to abortions or sterilizations to keep the birthrate down.

china one-child.jpgAnd where is the abortion industry on this anti-choice issue, particularly since the policy has caused a surge of female abortions?
A google search of “Planned Parenthood China” finds only its urging that the U.S. restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which is part of the coercion. NARAL? The same.
One other note. Rich women are side-stepping the one-child policy by paying off government officials. The next time someone claiming to be “pro-choice” laments access of poor women to abortions in the U.S., ask what s/he is doing to help poor women in China make the opposite choice.
[Photo courtesy of Aljazeera, believe it or not]

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