Congrats to Laura and Cameron, whose comments made this week’s column.

Whose fault is it when aborting women die? It depends, according to abortion proponents. If the abortion was illegal, we are. If the abortion was legal, she is.
Cases in point, yesteryear’s illegal abortion of Gerri Santoro and this year’s legal abortion of Edrica Goode.


You’ve likely seen the haunting, iconic photo of Gerri Santoro, dead, naked, knees to chest with bloody bottom in the air on a hotel room floor, the result of an illegal abortion in 1964 at age 27….
Ms. Magazine called Santoro a “victim” of “butchery” by an “unskilled abortionist.”…
Flash forward 34 years to these sunny days of safe, legal abortions.
On Feb. 14, 2007, 21-year-old Edrica Goode became the third woman in four years to die after an abortion at a California mill….
According to blogger World Wide Rant, “Edrica Goode died because of her own willful negligence or general stupidity.” …

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