waitress2.jpgPro-abort blogger Tao Te Xark today discussed two recently released films, Waitress and Knocked Up, wherein both female leads encountered unwanted pregnancies, had their babies with nary a thought about abortion, married their princes, and lived happily ever after.
Unspoken bottom lines: Nice girls don’t abort, and nice movies don’t include abortions.
Tao concluded (with my added paragraph breaks)….

We (and by “we” I mean pro-choice supporters) are losing this battle – call it the stigma battle – in the war for reproductive freedom, and popular culture reflects that by giving us movies about unwanted pregnancies in which terminating those pregnancies cannot even be discussed lest we lose sympathy for their lead characters.

knocked up.jpg

Forgive the pun, but abortion has indeed become a character issue. Nice people don’t have one, if they do they don’t admit it, and even those who claim to support abortion politically find it necessary to attenuate their support, lest they look less than “nice” as well.
More than one friend has said to me, “I’m pro-choice, but I don’t think abortion should be used as birth control.” To which my response is, “it is birth control, it’s always birth control, that’s exactly what it is.”…
[W]hat I think they mean is some combination of the following: people shouldn’t have multiple abortions, they shouldn’t have abortions instead of practicing other methods of birth control or contraception, or they shouldn’t have abortions for the wrong reasons (like simply finding a baby inconvenient). So abortion is becoming a synonym for irresponsibility?…
Here’s the thing: It’s a right or it’s not. When it’s a right you don’t have to apologize for exercising it. If you support that right, then it’s not your business why anyone might exercise it. If you can’t keep yourself from interrogating and/or judging the reasons why someone might have an abortion, then you don’t really support reproductive freedom. You just don’t – own up to it. And if you think you’re not playing right into the hands of those who would like abortion to become so unspeakable that it is outlawed entirely, you’re dead wrong.

According to Tao, many “pro-choice” commenters on this blog are actually not, because you say exactly those things. You don’t embrace abortion. You’re not proud of it. You do judge mothers for reasons for and numbers of abortions. You say you’d never have one, which is a classic indicator of guilt.
Tao says you’re actually pro-life. No?