We decided to stay in DC a couple more days, so I’m posting the Weekend question early, since I now won’t be back in the saddle until Monday.
question mark 2.jpgAccording to ABC on July 3, “[t]he bill to make it a felony to kill a police dog sailed through the [North Carolina] legislature, and the bill to make it double murder to kill a pregnant mother is bottled up in a committee… [due to the] volatile debate over abortion.”
Explained Democrat State Sen. A. B. Swindell, “All animals are parts of folk’s family.”
Swindell opposed the comparisons being made. “The police dog thing – I see that as something different as getting to debate on [the abortion] issue.”
Intentional or not, Swindell made two assessments. First, he implied animals are family and preborn children are not. Second, he tied a Laci/Connor Peterson-type murder to abortion.
Do you agree or disagree on either/both points?
[Hat tip: Reader jasper]

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